User-7B915308-8AD8-4BE0-8420DCEE7E605148 18:09 24 May 2003

I tried to get into 'help&support' section of windows XP HOME on my pc and found it said file helpctr.exe didnt exist,I posted this the other day and my replies unfortunately did no good.I feel i need to use the restore disc(as i cant even get to 'system restore' thru all programs,systems tools etc..)I need to know if this is ok to use restore disc,As it said'this process will restore the contents of your hard drive to the original state when u acquired the pc,THIS INCLUDES REPARTITIONING THE HARD DRIVE &REFORMATTING THE HARD DISC. IS THIS SAFE TO DO?WILL IT AFFECT MY SCANNER,DIGITAL CAMERA&PRINTER?And how do i back up my files b4 doing this :S...really sorry,But i need to be sure its ok,As messing about got me in this state i think.THX IN ADVANCE....ANDY

  Gaz 25 18:13 24 May 2003

Yes, all will be taken away, it will go back to how you started when you fist got your PC.

Thx Gaz 4 ur reply,Will I be able to reload all my software,Scanner,Printer etc afterwards and have no problems? Shud i be worried in restoring back to factory settings? Dont wanna mess up again..

  beeuuem 20:22 24 May 2003

I haven't seen and can't find your original post so I don't know what was suggested.
Going back to factory settings is a pain as you have to reinstall all your drivers and Windows updates.
Have you tried this?

To reinstall Help and Support: Go to C:\Windows\inf\pchealth.inf. Right click and choose install. Have your CD handy.

Note: The folder is hidden by default. Go to Start/Run and type in: control folders. View: Show hidden files and folders and uncheck Hide extensions for known file types.

tHX FOR UR REPLY BEE,Unfortunately i did as u said ,But right click only gave me the option to 'select all' :S.....Basically,what had happened is..I inadvertenly scrubbed out some files,When i went to 'help & support' i got a thing saying that the file helpctr.exe is not valid,I tried system restore but cud not get to it ,Not even thru start,all programs,system tools etc...I know its enabled coz i checked earlier,Any ideas mate,Anything will be Handy...CHEERS ANDY not to worried about windows updates,cos i have'nt been able to access THAT either for ages,Problem with my administrator password which i 4got!...just need to know about re-installing my scanner,printer & camera? cheers.

  beeuuem 21:14 24 May 2003

As long as you have the driver(software) discs for your scanner etc. you will be able to reinstall these without any problems.
Make sure that you have a note of or export your account settings for your internet connection. Save anything you have created, letters, pictures, etc from My Documents. From Outlook Express export you address book with your contacts and save to floppy/CD.
Have you tried running the command
'sfc /scannow'from Start> run?

Yeah,Was advised on that command the other day,But i get a split second flash of a black screen,And it just diappears,Heaven knows what i bloody removed the other day,Still,They say a little knowledge is dangerous.When i take it back to 'factory' settings,I assume it will literally take it back as if i'd just bought it? Can i assume that if so,I will be able to get windows updates again? Thx again bee.I really appreciate it. :)

  beeuuem 21:52 24 May 2003

Going back to factory settings will put the system back to the state it was when it was delivered to you.
You can then set it up as you want. I speak from experience, having had to do this many, many times on my first PC!! There's nothing diabolical about going back to the factory settings, it's just the time spent reinstalling everything.
Do you get the same black screen if you try putting your XP CD in the drive first and then go

Start> Programs> accessories> Command Prompt> type 'sfc /scannow' (with the space between sfc and / )?
SFC - System File Checker - (SFC /Scannow)or the following.

sfc followed by
Scans all protected system files at the next boot.(Enter command then reboot)
Scans all protected system files at every boot.
Returns Windows XPto default settings

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