Using RAID IDE 3 & 4 for normal IDE devices

  darkjedimistress 11:19 27 Mar 2004

Hi there.

I currently have an Abit-KT7A Raid Mobo with a 40Gb IDE drive on IDE1 and a 120GB drive on IDE2. Because I have Raid on my motherboard I have an IDE3 and 4 slot. I want to use IDE for my 60GB IDE Drive which at the moment has all of my backup files on, about 40GB but XP is not seeing the drive.

When I boot the pc it sees the IDE1 and IDE2 drive and shows a Master Drive on the IDE3 socket in the RAID BIOS setup but windows doesn't see it.

Is there anything I need to set in the BIOS that lets the Windows software see that i have a 3rd IDE device?

  Big Elf 13:34 27 Mar 2004

Have you loaded the motherboard drives and the RAID drivers (probably Highpoint)?

Also in the BIOS make sure the onboard RAID (ATA133RAID IDE Controller) option is enabled.

  Big Elf 13:36 27 Mar 2004

I've also remembered that you have to configure the hard drive on the RAID channel when booting up initially, pressing the Ctrl and H key after the POST has finished is the way I did it on mine (Abit IT7).

  darkjedimistress 13:39 27 Mar 2004

In my system properties I can't get the IDE Controller and the MASS Controller devices drivers to update, they are both marked in yellow. I have the ABIT motherboard disk and the latest downloaded drivers but I don't think the Motherboard is supported in XP as this worked with ME!

  darkjedimistress 13:42 27 Mar 2004

And I can see the 60GB drive as a Master Raid drive, since I don't want it to be a raid but only a standard IDE connection I havent setup a raid array.

Seems to me that the MOtherboard is not completely setup and that XP is simply not supporting the extra features of the board so if there is no luck I am going to format and reload ME no matter as I need the 3 IDE devices.

  Doogie Howser 13:52 27 Mar 2004

I used to have that board (until the capacitors melted) and I had a CDROM on IDE1, CDRW on IDE2 and a 40GB hard drive on IDE3 (the RAID channel without configuring raid). That setup worked fine with XP pro and 98se.

  darkjedimistress 13:59 27 Mar 2004

At the moment I have a CDRW and DVD on IDE2 so I might swop a few around and see what happens.

  Smiler 14:43 27 Mar 2004

Have you tried using the win2000 driver?

  Big Elf 15:01 27 Mar 2004

My board must be very similar to yours. I can't remember the exact steps I took when pressing Ctrl and H but seem to recall I had to initialise it (or something like that) even thought I didn't set up a RAID array. I using XP Home SP1.

  ton 17:18 27 Mar 2004

I've got Abit KG7 raid mobo and three hard drives.
It is set up with CDRW & DVD on Ide 1&2.

The hard drives are all on Ides 3&4.

This works with 98SE, ME & XP (multiboot).

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