Using a proxy?

  hiwatt 15:00 25 Sep 2009

Hi folks.Does anyone here use a proxy?I don't know much about them other than it can prevent websites from getting your ip address by making it anonymous?Is there any benefit to using one and if so what's the best way to do it?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:13 25 Sep 2009
  hiwatt 15:25 25 Sep 2009

Thanks fruitbat.I was just wondering if anyone else used them and if there's any benefit to using one?I read that it means certain websites can't track your internet activity and build up a sales profile etc on you?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 15:48 25 Sep 2009

I'm afraid you have been seduced by too many scare stories. Many sites will not let you enter if you use a proxy (BBC). Your Ip address will change every time you turn off the router so 'tracing' your web habits is impossible. Your IP address does not identify you personally only the address that the computer uses for a short time. There is a huge amount of paranoid rubbish talked about tracking and privacy. All you need is a good, free AV, Ccleaner to get rid of the rubbish (click here, any spyware remover such as the free version of malawarebytes and a tiny bit of common sense.
It does not matter if a website could track your meanderings, they cannot identify you personally.

  hiwatt 17:21 25 Sep 2009

My IP address is static and will not change.It was just out of curiosity as I came accross an article on using proxys.It said that every site you visit can see where you are,your personal address etc and the previous website you have visited.Not that I've got anything to hide I was just curious to see if anyone actually used one.That's all.

  octal 18:07 25 Sep 2009

The only time I use a proxy is if I want to visit a site, say in the USA where it might be blocked to the UK, then I use a proxy to make it look as if my IP address comes from the USA. A good example when I wanted to visit and for some reason at the time it was blocked or redirected to the site, I managed to get into the site via a proxy.

  Jak_1 04:21 26 Sep 2009

Proxies can be useful at times but they can also make surfing a lot slower! You can never truely hide as there has to be a pathway from the originating server to the destination computer. The proxy server is the one that will have your IP, the end server will have the IP of the proxy server. That pathway can always be searched and the proxy server logs inspected as more than a few people have found to their cost! However, for us normal people they are of little value except in instances quoted by octal.

  iqs 16:09 26 Sep 2009

Hi octel,

I have a similar problem,can I ask what proxy you used please.Thanks

  octal 19:53 26 Sep 2009

I don't really use any particular proxy because they keep changing, I just Google for one and use it.

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