Using Printer occasionally.

  Baskerville 13:45 17 Sep 2008

Hi All,

May seem a bit daft this one but I need to know,

Someone was selling a CX3200 Epson printer for next to nothing so I bought it, I have another Epson that does a good job for me on another computer.

I want to install the 3200 on a laptop but only use it occasionally, what is the best way to use the new printer as once the laptop detects it and hopefully gets it working properly I will only need it every so often and it's quite a big printer, is it best to power down the laptop, then take out the USB lead ? then plug back into the USB before booting the laptop wnenever we need to print?, I ask as I don't want the Laptop keep finding new hardware and trying to configure each time I need to print.

Hope you get my drift!


  ventanas 14:16 17 Sep 2008

Just unplug it. Plug it back in when you need it, preferably to the same port. It will be remembered when you switch on without any reinstallation.

  David4637 16:32 17 Sep 2008

Don't forgot to run a small test print on it once per week or you will get a blocked printer head. David

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