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  suburban train 23:39 26 Mar 2003

Dear All,

I was just wondering why we use and what are the benefits of using acrobrat reader and storing documents in PDF format.

I have been doing a lot of reasearch lately to do with "White papers" on-line journals and company accounts and they are all in PDF. Even my course booklet at uni can be downloaded in PDF format.

So why and what are the benefits?


  fitshase 23:49 26 Mar 2003

(1) The PDF format shrinks the size of a file without losing the quality - I have shrunk a 1 page MS Word document with 2 high res photos from 4.5MB to 160KB using PDF format.

(2) Once the PDF file is written, it cannot be edited which is an advantage for the online journals and company accounts.

(3) It is very wide spread now and the viewer is free which makes sense for online sharing of documents.

I'm sure there are more advantages but these are the 3 that came to mind straight away.



  Gongoozler 07:28 27 Mar 2003

"PDF files always display exactly as created, regardless of fonts, software, and operating systems". For the full version of Adobe's view see here click here

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