using PC on side

  Muergo 12:41 15 Sep 2010

Does it matter if my normally vertical PC tower is run laying flat down.

The only thing I can think of is that the internal hard drives will be running on edge instead of flat.
I don't use any CD or floppy internal drives.

  woodchip 12:43 15 Sep 2010

None. other than what you said. But its nor a good idea to keep changing it because of the drive. Plus what about DVD tray? loading discs

  northumbria61 12:47 15 Sep 2010

Not a good idea - I wouldn't - you could give yourself unecessary problems.

  birdface 13:18 15 Sep 2010

Quite a few dell computers look as though the should be lying flat but when you see an image of the they are all standing upright.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:20 15 Sep 2010

Fine as long as Air vents aren't blocked.

even the DVD will run OK however loading a disk is more awkward.

  Muergo 13:31 15 Sep 2010

Thanks for all the input, I did say I don't use any internal drives other than permanent hard drives, my DVD/CD is an external drive, the internal I could easily disconnect I never use it.

What most worried me was that all the hard disc drives Internal and external run flat not on edge.

The reason for this is to rearrange my desk space, putting it flat would give me extra room, but not if it might cause the drives to skid or fail.

With all the recent advice I have received I am now going to open it up and changes to sound and graphics cards and second hard drive removal to put in Maplin caddy.
I hope it all fires up afterwards.

  woodchip 13:42 15 Sep 2010

To had to the above, Its not a good idea to put too much in the way of weight on it after or as above block vents. I would have thought on edge would use less room, in desk space that is. footprint wise

  Belatucadrus 13:49 15 Sep 2010

My current PC case was designed to work either way, while it looks a little odd upright as the CD drive is then vertical it works fine.

  gazzaho 13:53 15 Sep 2010

It could in theory be better for the computer to lie flat as far as hard drives go. Think about it, if you have more than one drive installed then they are stacked. Heat rises so the uppermost drive will run hotter than the other/s and as the drives are flat more surface area is exposed to the heat. On their side the heat rises evenly, my only suggestion would be to make sure the side you lie it on is the motherboard side (right hand side) to allow for heat to move into the case away from the components toward the fans.

The drives in my Cooler Master system case are stacked vertically to start with.

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