Using PC, PDA, Phone etc abroad.

  Scoundrel 19:32 15 Dec 2005

Got a last minute chance to go to Canada for the holidays and naturally very keen. Amongst all the rushed planing (flight leaves on Sunday) I realised we will have a host of things that need to work off of or recharge on the local mains (same as the US).

A quick look at the adapters we have has only confused the issue. one has slanted flat blades with the option to twist the blades straight. The other is a TASRG (for which we have lost the instructions) that seems to work by piggy-backing 4 adapters together so the the US/Canada prongs are one end and the 'female' UK socket the other.

Trouble is the prongs on these two devices are not the same distance apart, and I can't believe both will work. I'm prepared to hunt around the airport or in the shops but I usually find that the knowledge of staff is either minimal or contradictory.

For example we have many times been told these adapters also alter the voltage!!Clearly in the time frame I have I need to work out which one of the two I have works and purchase a back-up one.

You can see the tasrg adapter at click here and the other one at click here . Both are sold at Boots and branded as a boots product.

I'm hoping someone here has purchased on of these and can remember it working for them.

  Scoundrel 19:48 15 Dec 2005

Seems strange they will both work as the prongs are quite a bit closer on the more basic device.

But you clearly know what you are about, many thanks.

As for the Voltage, if I remember my schooling the US is 120V and we are 230V. My guess would be all our stuff will work or charge up but may do more slowly. My Laptop will work as normal, at least according to the manual and I'm now going to see what stuff if any will charge through it's USB port.

Thanks again!

  wjrt 21:47 15 Dec 2005

the adapters only allow Uk 3 pin plugs to connect to US/Canadian sockets similar to two pin shaver type adapters. the laptop should work OK as most power systems are marked 110/240v. to get others to work will need a transformer such as

click here

  LivEviL 22:26 15 Dec 2005

you may not need to get a inverter just make sure ur transformer is as WJRT said marked 110/240v (altho it should be 110/230v as european regs have changed so the brits have to have 230v! ) the transformer should put it out at the voltage u need any hoo!

  Scoundrel 06:33 16 Dec 2005

Thanks guys/gals

  g0slp 09:02 16 Dec 2005

"Transformers step Voltage Down.. Inverters Step Voltage Up"

Errrr.... Sorry, no.

Transformers step AC voltages either up of down.

Inverters convert DC to AC

To complete the set, rectifiers convert AC to DC.

  pickle factory 12:55 16 Dec 2005

Just come back from Florida, my Nokia phone charger, Dell PDA and l'il nippers Gameboy charger all worked fine through pin adapters.

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