Using Outlook Express via networked broadband link

  Mr. Chips 13:23 14 Jan 2006

I have two machines both, XP home, and networked.
Machine ONE has a broadband link with uwclub and Outlook Express works well.
Machine TWO has a working Internet Explorer accessed through the network.
I wish machine TWO to also use its Outlook Express (using a second uwclub mailbox), using the same broadband link ... via the network.

I cannot find the settings needed in Machine TWO to get this to work.
Or perhaps the answer lies in machine ONE's settings?
Can anyone 'point' me towards a solution before I go mad!

Any help will be greatfully received.

  howard63 14:42 14 Jan 2006

do you have a firewall installed? for example zone alarm - if so it possibly needs the settings changed in programs to allow connection

  Mr. Chips 17:28 14 Jan 2006

Thanks Howard.
I have no software firewall running.
My Netgear ADSL router has a hardware Firewall, which I use.
As I am able to use Internet Explorer from Machine TWO, would that prove that the software firewall is inoperative?

Is it possible to confirm that it sohould be possible to do what I want?
i.e use Outlook Express from the networked machine Two?

  howard63 17:32 14 Jan 2006

you should be able to use any prog you want to it is a settings thing. Can you interogate the router firewall? it may also have settings for progs to allow to operate. The manual or makers site should list instructions

  Mr. Chips 17:41 14 Jan 2006

Thanks ... I will give it a whirl, but I think I have nothing other than default which is to having nothing in those tables.

I will try though ... thanks

  Leslie-212488 17:57 14 Jan 2006

open OE, click on TOOLS...then accounts..ADD .. MAIL. This is where you set up your other account. Is this what you need to know?

  Enkel 20:18 14 Jan 2006

It's not very clear just what your problem is. If IE works on machine 2, then OE should also work on machine 2. Assuming you have the account set up correctly on machine 1, and indications are that you have, just ensure that the settings on machine 2 are identical. If, however, you are using a diffrent mailbox, follow your ISP's instructions for setting up that mailbox. And ensure also that the SMTP server is the same as that on machine 1 (very important). I have a similar setup (only difference is that Thunderbird is the mailserver on machine 2) and it works perfectly. Netgear's built-in hardware firewall treats all computers in your network as the same, so whatever it allows or stops for one, the same applies to the other.

  Mr. Chips 10:47 15 Jan 2006

With your assistance ... things are moving ahead ... thanks.

After taking your advice, and having set up the two machines in the same manner, I tried putting my own email log-in details into machine two.

Curriously, I can get all my emails from my ISP, but I cant send any.
Nothing works for the new user on machine two.

Also to get just the above wroking Machine one, in OE page 'servers' shows localhost as Outgoing mail(SMTP). but only ' will work for my log-in on Machine 2.

Also I can PING POP3 an SMTP from both machines, and get a valid response. That must mean something ... but what ... I am not too sure.

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