Using One Set Of Speakers With two PC's

  38kev 21:08 15 Aug 2007

I have a set of Logitech Z-2100 2:1 speakers. I would like to use them with both my PC and a Mac Mini without having to grovel under the desk to unplug them from one machine and plug them into another. I am currently have both pluggesin at the same time by way of a 'rats nest' of cables, a headphone splitter and a gender changer. The sound quality is poor and the cables are prone to coming apart.

I do not want to buy a KVM with audio owing to the expense and the fact that I want to use a PC keyboard with the PC and a Mac keyboard with the Mac.

It is possible to get a switching box in the US from a company called USA Electronics but they won't ship to Europe. Does anybody have any idea of what products are abailable in Europe, ideally under £50.


  Sea Urchin 21:49 15 Aug 2007

Hi 38kev

I have seen the type of thing you want at Maplins for around £15.00

You could contact them at their website click here to find the nearest branch, or purchase online

Hope this helps

  38kev 21:55 15 Aug 2007

Thanks Sea Urchin, I have tried Maplins in store, by phone and web site and I can't find one. I can easily find the reverse, to ability to feed sound to one of two different sets of speakers at the flick of a switch.

  DieSse 22:21 15 Aug 2007

This KVM switch does audio - and it's cheap enough to ignore it's other facilities. click here

  38kev 08:04 16 Aug 2007

Thanks DieSse. I thought about using a KVM and only attaching the audio cables in the first instance. However two problems arise with most of them, one of the two problems arise as far as I can tell with all of them.

The problems are:

1. Most KVM's make a noise to alert you to the fact a cable is detached. If only the audio cables are attached this beeping would be constant.

2. Modern (cheap) KVM's switch between computers by the use of a special combination of key-presses and not a 'physical' switch. If a keyboard is not attached than there is no means of switching between computers.

What I really need is a 'Model MK-7 Computer Audio Speaker Switch Box' from click here . However they cannot be persuaded to ship to the more primitive and lawless parts of the world such as Western Europe.

Any further advice would be welcomed


  Technotiger 08:26 16 Aug 2007

Wouldn't it be much cheaper and easier just to get another set of speakers?

  38kev 08:39 16 Aug 2007

It would be easier but for one simple fact, I have room for a switch box on my desk I don't have room for another quality 2:1 speaker system.

I use one machine (Mac) as a hi-fi and for photo editing and the other (PC) for video editing and most other things, therefore I don't want to buy a small 'cheap and nasty' set of speakers for either machine and compromise sound quality.

If I only needed quality sound on one machine and just 'Windows Noises' oh the other I would be happy to buy the smallest cheapest set of speakers and squeeze them on my desk somewhere.


  Technotiger 08:55 16 Aug 2007

Cheap does not have to mean nasty! I get perfectly good sound with speakers bought at a boot-sale! But I am not a member of the London Philharmonic Orchestra, so perhaps my hearing is not quite as good as yours.

  Rigga 09:00 16 Aug 2007

Try emailing these guys, > click here < see if they have a solution to your problem.

They may be able to help and are a very good company I've used them many times before.


  38kev 09:17 16 Aug 2007

Thanks Technotiger and Rigga.

Rigga: I'll give them a try.

Technotiger: I make no special claims about my hearing, however there is usually (but not always) a reason why one thing costs more than another. Putting aside the power of brand marketing the usual reason one thing costs more than another is the quality of the product itself.

This is really about my not wanting to have two sets of speakers on my desk.

  Technotiger 09:25 16 Aug 2007

Fair enough - Rigga's suggestion would seem to be the best bet then.

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