Using old e-mail address with new ISP

  leginNT 16:45 02 Jun 2005

Some years ago I started with a Freeserve e-mail account. I have since changed my ISP and find that I cannot send e-mails on my old account. The only way I have been able to get round this is to have a new e-mail address with the new ISP.
Is there a way of sending e-mails which use an account with another ISP other than the one you are connecting to the internet with.
My OS is XP and I use Incredimail to compuse, send and recieve e-mails.

  DieSse 17:14 02 Jun 2005

Sometimes there is - sometimes they prohibit it absolutely.

To try - ammend the SMTP details of your Freeserve account to those of your new ISP. It may work, it may still not.

  Buchan 35 23:05 02 Jun 2005

I`m inclined to agree with DieSse, after all I cannot see my provider agreeing with [email protected] while I`m with onetel. However have you thought of phoning your ISP and discussing it with them? Nothing to lose from present situation.

  Dipso 23:56 02 Jun 2005

I can still send/receive emails under my ic24, Lineone and Virgin accounts after reconfiguring my SMTP settings although I am connected to my current ISP which is none of those. I do believe though that Freeseve is one of the ISP's that block this, so the only way to access your old account is to "dial-in" every so often.

  pimpers 00:44 03 Jun 2005

I think I am right in saying that if you are pay as you go, you can still use your original email address. But if you sign up to an ISP on a monthy basis and unless you still pay your monthly amount, you will not be able to use your old email address's.


  Forum Editor 01:00 03 Jun 2005


In fact, many ISPs are now insisting that outbound mail is authenticated - you'll have to set Outlook Express or Outlook to submit a valid username/password combination - before they'll permit it to be sent via their servers. This to prevent malicious abuse of the system - whereby someone uses your email address and smtp server settings to send spam.

  johnnyrocker 09:50 03 Jun 2005

generally it is just a matter of (a) configuring the outgoing server to new isp and (b)in a/c properties changing it's connection method from phone line to lan (if broadband)


  maz2 09:59 03 Jun 2005

I migrated a from Wanadoo (freeserve) a couple of weeks ago and am still receiving mail through my freeserve address although I only access it on the main web page

  palinka 19:40 03 Jun 2005

thrre is another solution to this kind of problem - years ago when I tried out various ISPs each in turn for 2 or 3 months I realised that the way round it is to use (or a similar "forwarder"). The service is free. As far as my friends are concerned my email address is [email protected], though my isp has changed 3 times since I started using bigfoot. I just tell bigfoot which isp to forward my mail to.

  Hamish 19:53 03 Jun 2005

Try using web mail to send after connecting to your new ISP. You can then setup a new email address in outlook in your own time

  Buchan 35 20:00 03 Jun 2005

Thanks for info

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