Using old (2 year) hardware with XP

  dagbladet 00:28 04 Oct 2003

I'm having a spot of bother installing my printer, scanner and USB card reader on my new (XP)machine. I've got the driver disks but all I'm getting is something about XP incompatibility blah..when I try to use the hardware wizard and click "have disk" I get something like "drivers not found at selected location" or words to that effect. Right enough, the disks are pre XP (98,2000,ME) but is there no way to use the gizmos with my new machine ?

  leo49 00:31 04 Oct 2003

You can try the 2000 drivers or better still go to the manufacturer's websites of the various peripherals and download XP drivers[where available].

  Serious 00:32 04 Oct 2003

Go to the hardware manufacturers web site and download from the tech support or driver download the required xp driver for the device.

  PSF 00:35 04 Oct 2003

Have you got all of the Windows updates as there are a few of them for USB. Have you installed Xp service pack 1.

  MAJ 00:36 04 Oct 2003

The printer and scanner you will need XP drivers for, although XP has a lot of printer drivers already installed. Go to the manufacturer's web site for updated drivers for the printer and scanner. XP should recognise the card reader, straight away (it did mine) and load it's own drivers for it.

Sometimes, if you can't find XP drivers, Win 2000 drivers will work.

  Djohn 00:36 04 Oct 2003

XP will have it's own drivers for most hardware, and trying to use the software that came with your hardware may not work because of it's age.

If you can list your Printer/scanner/card reader, Make and model, then someone will advise as to using the drivers within XP, or downloading new drivers from the web.

  powerless 00:38 04 Oct 2003

WOW! My eyes have gone funny.

  Djohn 00:39 04 Oct 2003

Make a note to myself, two notes in fact! Speed up my typing and refresh the page before posting. Sorry for the repetition of all said above. :o(

  leo49 00:49 04 Oct 2003

Come on guys - you're getting slow!

Like vultures on road-kill, pouncing on a question. :o)

  dagbladet 00:51 04 Oct 2003

thanks all, my eyes have also "gone funny" and the ogre lying two feet to left of where i'm typing, (but can't (i hope) see what i'm typing) has called an end to my session. As the punishment for non-compliance with this rule is the withdrawal of Saturday morning fry-up, I must withdraw from the field of enlightenment, cheers folks, Dag.

  Djohn 01:17 04 Oct 2003

Does this mean, your good lady wife will not cook you a full English breakfast unless you comply?

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