Using NOF 10 with existing site

  griffo 19:01 05 Jun 2007

I have 2 existing sites (one quite old) that I wish to use NOF 10 with, to upgrade/improve and add content.

At present I can't see how to get NOF to work with an existing site, so haven't even started the 'learning to drive' process. Can anyone kindly tell me how to get started with this please?

  Polygonal lass 10:11 06 Jun 2007

First of all, have you saved your 2 existing sites as zipped NetObjects Templates?. If you have, from the top menu of NetObjects, click File, then click New Site, then click From Template. NetObjects will then create a site from your zipped template.


  griffo 12:25 06 Jun 2007

thanks for the reply. No I haven't saved the existing sites as zipped NetObjects Templates - would you mind telling me how to do that please?

  Polygonal lass 13:08 06 Jun 2007

You are very welcome.

I am using version 9, but steps should be similar.

Open your site, so that you can see the tree-type (yellow) folders.

Then click the large Assets thumbnail and a long list of assets will display. From the top menu-bar, click the Assets (text) tab.

Now, from the drop-down list, click Delete all Unused File Assets.

Then click the top Assets (text) tab, and this time, from the drop-down list, click Verify all File Assets. IMPORTANT! The verification must be successful, in order to continue.

Now, click the Site thumbnail, to return your site.

Then from the top menu, choose File then choose Export Template. You have a choice of either, Selected Pages, or Entire Site. Now, navigate to a folder (My Documents, or Desktop), give your template a name, and click Save.

Providing there are no missing file assets, your site will be saved as a template. After it has been saved, open a new site from your newly saved template, as explained in my first reply.

If there are missing assets, you must find them and point NetObjects to them. If you have lost them, or cannot find them - you must create new assets. In version 9, you cannot save a template without all of the site assets present.

Hope this helps.


  mco 13:51 06 Jun 2007

Griffo: are the two existing sites actually made in a version of Netobjects? Or are they done with a different webdesign program?

  griffo 17:53 06 Jun 2007

something different I guess but I don't know what.

  mco 18:26 06 Jun 2007

you will have to open up netobjects, go to File>new site>from existing website ..and take it from there. There are more instructions in the help files within the program. Having said that, I tried importing a site I had done in another program and I had to make so many changed to get it back to looking how I wanted it that I decided it would be quicker and simpler just to do it again - and you might well find that too.

  griffo 07:20 07 Jun 2007

I see, well I'll give it a try when I have time (few days away) and report back how I get on.

Thanks for the help so far.

  griffo 18:52 18 Jun 2007

First chance I've had to look at this again. I tried to follow your instructions but it says 'unable to contact xxxxx home page'. So I can't get NetObjects to link to the site - any ideas please?

  mco 23:14 18 Jun 2007

Did you type in the full url http: // etc etc? Is it a site that is definitely already online? Did you click the 'remote' button?

  griffo 18:31 20 Jun 2007

Hello again, yes to all those questions.

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