Using a NAS server as my Squeeze Box Server

  chaztait 21:41 05 Jan 2012

Hi, I am looking into buying a NAS server with the capability of running it with my Logitech Squeezebox. Just now my laptop is running logitechs software to use my computer as a server for the squeezebox. Obviously meaning I need to leave the computer on to listen to music through my sound system. I know it can be done with some NAS servers dpeneding on the components and software. But I seen a really good price for a server! And wanting to know if anyone could tell me if it would work.

This is the website I'm buying it off of NAS Server

  LastChip 22:00 05 Jan 2012

I don't see why it shouldn't. It says it will.

At a guess, I'd say it's a Linux server that Zyxel has written a front end for and that you access via a browser on your local computer. That's a common way to access software on servers, to avoid the command line. For example, commercial grade software does it all the time; webmin and phpmyadmin being just two examples.

Providing the front end works as advertised, it is indeed a bargain. You'd pay almost that price currently for the 2TB hard drive.

My instinct would be to say, if that's what you want, snap it up.

  chaztait 22:23 05 Jan 2012

Thanks for the reply, what do you mean by a front end? And do you reckon that the squeezebox would talk to it? And how would I specify what folder for my squeezebox server to access for music?

  LastChip 23:24 05 Jan 2012

If you go here, and click on User's Guide - page 3, you can download the manual that should answer most of your questions.

As regards the front end, many devices are now using the "front end" system. All it means is, they have embedded into them a mini server that serves up web pages for you to configure. For example, I've recently bought a new Samsung Laser printer and that uses the same system. It's a means of giving you access to what you need, but not having to install the overload of a fully fledged operating system. It is however, an operating system in its own right, so think of it as a mini operating system that you only have a limited means of changing and you won't be far from the truth.

In other words, it allows access to just what you need to do, but no more.

You've piqued my interest in this, not that I want one (it's too small for my use) but I'm interested in how it's been put together. So at the moment, I'm downloading the source code, just to see how it's been constructed.

Take a look through the manual, it looks pretty comprehensive and definitely refers to Logitech Squeezebox, so I suspect it's what you want.

  chaztait 23:30 05 Jan 2012

Thanks again for the reply. I've went ahead and ordered one. Was toying with the idea of getting this before I even had the squeezebox as a means of file sharing between pc's. You've been most helpfull!

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