using my domain name with talktalk

  wemalky 22:43 31 Jan 2008

I have my own domain name which is currently hosted on plusnet. I am transferring to talktalk and want to use my domain name for emails etc. I do not wish to et up a web page on talktalk. I can receive emails sent to my domain name via talktalk but cannot send emails using the domain name. All emails sent are form [email protected]. Can I set up my talktalk account to use my domain name?
many thanks

  xania 08:50 01 Feb 2008

I had exactly the same problem when I migrated from Claranet to Sky (which I subsequently dumped because they were technically inept) and then Demon. Neither could help because; Sky are not in the hosting game and you need to be hosted by Demon and I did not want to move. In my case, the domain mane was becoming valueles so I dropped it; if this is not so for you, you may need to move to Talktalk (if they have a hosting facility, or, to someone else if they don't. Have you considered using PlusNet as your ISP? Don't know how good they are, but at least you'll solving your email problem.

  OSDguy 15:13 03 Feb 2008

I have used my own domains with no problems on talktalk for many years now both with a domain using forwarding and direct grabs of the domain pop3

Following is for Outlook but I would imagine OE is similar. This uses the talktalk email to send your domain emails (well ok makes it appear as if it is your domain being used)

Click tools
then email accounts
then dot in view or change accounts
highlight the account you want to chnage
In the user area put your name and email address as you want it to appear
In the LOGON area put your talktalk details
In server area put your domain pop3 and talktalk smtp (or talktalk pop3 if you are using email forwarding on your domain)

Then click on "more settings" and on the general account tab fill in details sucj as name and the reply email address (again your domain)

I also have a dedicated hosting account and can send / receive avoiding talktalk servers with no problem at all. To do this just set up your email account with all the details of your domain.

  wemalky 12:35 04 Feb 2008

Many thanks OSDguy. I can now send emails which appear to come from my domain name. So simple but shows how little I know! I am currently using plusnet and talktalk as ISPs(didnt want to give up plusnet until I saw how it went with talktalk.)If I cancel my plusnet account what happens to my domain name. Do I need to transfer it to talktalk? I also have a web hosting account which I beleive I could use for my emails. Which is the better to use?
Many thanks again

  OSDguy 20:45 06 Feb 2008

You're more than welcome.

It is worth reading the T&C with plusnet to see if they allow you to transfer your domain name to a new host.

Talktalk, as far as I am aware, will not put your domain on their servers - to move the domain away from plusnet you would have to use someone like 123reg and (currently giving a 12month free btw) and then set up forwarding from the 123reg control.

If your web hosting acco8nt includes POP3 boxes then this would be an avenue worth exploring.

hope this was of help, take care.

  wemalky 15:02 07 Feb 2008

Thanks again. I have decided to move to talktalk. I have transferred my domain out from plus net to I'll set up my email from there.
Many thanks again for your help

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