sillysoo 11:40 16 Mar 2005

I have have heard that there is a way of using your mobile, connected to a comp. to access the internet free, using internet explorer. I don't think it's against the law, but I am not sure. Has anyone heard of this?.....Thanks in advance...

  Taff36 11:54 16 Mar 2005

You can using GPRS via your Phone Service Provider but I can assure you it`s not free. It is an expensive way of doing it since they charge you by the Mb download (every page in other words. Your phone would have to be connected to your laptop by cable, infra Red or Bluetooth and you would need to have the GPRS facility turned on by your phone company. (Effectively it is an "always on" facility like broadband but nowhere near as quick) Check the charges first! As an emergency way of connecting to the internet or sending the odd e-mail it`s OK particularly if you`re on the road and don`t have access to a phone line.

  TomJerry 12:01 16 Mar 2005

It is very very expensive to access web use mobile.

"Free" stuff you are talking about. If your laptop has WIFI (wireless) capability and someone nearby has a WIFI network and leave it open and then you can access without paying. This was a popular activity for some nerds last a few years.

However, (1) strictly speaking it is illegal (2) there are not many open WIFI network around anymore.

  sillysoo 08:18 17 Mar 2005

OK Thanks everyone, I guess I heard wrong....

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