Using laptop touchpad like graphic tablet?

  myfoot 13:21 13 Jan 2007

Anybody found or seen a way to use a pen-like tool with the touchpad on a laptop, Acer1312XC?

  Fingees 14:52 13 Jan 2007

I suppose it would be possible, but any sharp instrument as used on a graphics tablet, I feel would soon wreck the touchpad, as it is meant for soft rounded instrument like a finger.

Sorry I couldn't help, other than to advise against it.

  €dstowe 15:38 13 Jan 2007

Doubt it would work. Apart from the problems highlighted by Fingees, a touchpad operates differently to a graphics tablet in that in the latter the area of the pad corresponds to a defined area of the computer screen, whereas a touchpad varies according to where the mouse is located at the last movement. (If that hasn't been explained very well then I know what I mean and I'm very doubtful it would work).

Even if you could get the touchpad to have a defined area of sensitivity corresponding to the screen, they are normally so small that you would have problems using it.

If it did work then Wacom and similar makers would be out of business by now.

  sean-278262 15:43 13 Jan 2007

Sorry myfoot but the input system is completely different. Try using a stylus or otherwise. As far as I remember (going back years now) laptops use electric charge to sense movement. So as you drag across the matrix of the pad it detects where the current is flowing and therefore the movement.

Infact I will try to find something to illustrate.

click here

Simple really but not any use to work as a tablet. You can always consider getting a graphics tablet. About £40 these days.

  terryf 15:53 13 Jan 2007

Are you trying to use the touchpad as a graphics input device or instead of a finger?

  myfoot 16:56 13 Jan 2007

Yes "terryf". I actually have a graphic tablet. Unfortunately it's horrible to use. When I place the tip on tablet the cursor has 1 position, but when I apply a bit of pressure the cursor jumps to a new position. In fact the tablet has a very jumpy behaviour overall.

Wikipedia="Touchpads commonly operate by sensing the capacitance of a finger, ", so I thought it should be possible to replicate this "the capacitance of a finger"? Don't understand a lot of this subject, and I suppose it sounds so obvious that if it was possible we would all know it.

  €dstowe 17:05 13 Jan 2007

Seems like your graphics pad is faulty.

The only brand I would consider is Wacom. Is yours such? If so, complain because it shouldn't behave like that.

  myfoot 17:58 13 Jan 2007

[b]No it's not Wacom it's Aiptek. I got it on offer from Serif software, and have had it to long now to complain about it. I reckon it was just to cheap. I will Google for an updated driver, might find something. Fingers crossed.[/b]

  myfoot 01:36 14 Jan 2007

Well I sent a query into Aiptek as the drivers they had for dowload were the same version as the one I'm using. I then went back to the set up for tablet and increased the click pressure from 4 up to 26 out of a maximum of 30%. It seems to have cured it. But I'm tired now so will check it more tomorrow.
How I do fix PC problems? Well
1. Fiddle around for a while (don't break anything)
2 Post on a few forums.
3. Submit query to manufacturer.
4. Then go back and try some more.
Often works, but from experience all steps are essential.

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