Using a Hotmail account via Outlook Express

  hockeystar1985 22:08 10 Aug 2004

Does anyone know how to set up Outlook Express to receive Hotmail emails. It needs a POP3 and SMTP server and everything I've tried just brings up an error message.

  spanneress 22:12 10 Aug 2004

As soon as you type in your hotmail e-mail addy in the second question you are asked to fill in in the wizard, OE automates those details for you. How are you setting this up?

  nooney 22:16 10 Aug 2004

When you set up your Hotmail account in Outlook Express enter the following under server.
click here
It will run then OK

  Night Ryder 22:17 10 Aug 2004

Go to the MSM home page and click on help. There are detailed instructions there on how to set up hotmail with OE.

  hockeystar1985 22:17 10 Aug 2004

It first asks for a screen name, then my addy address. When i fill that in and press next it then has two blank fields for incoming and outgoing mail servers. It doesn't fill it in for me. I have pasted the Hotmail html address bar but that doesn't work.

  hugh-265156 22:18 10 Aug 2004

cannot remember who it was that gave me the fix but if your hotmail addy uses a @msn address then you need to choose http as the type of server and then 'click here' in the incoming mail box.

carry on with adding password and account name in the wizard after this and it will work ok.

if its an @hotmail addy you dont need to do this. the wizard works ok.

  spanneress 22:19 10 Aug 2004

OK..sorry to be pedantic but can you double check the format that you are typing the addy in? Is it, which OS and version of OE are you using?

  hugh-265156 22:22 10 Aug 2004

sorry http:// oe.msn.msnmail. hmdata

without the spaces

  hockeystar1985 22:23 10 Aug 2004

its a account and im trying to set it up on OE 2000

  spanneress 22:28 10 Aug 2004

This should go in the the HTTP server part : click here, not SMTP or POP3. I just tried an old one and mine went through fine. May be your you have other active mail accounts running ok on it?

  hockeystar1985 22:33 10 Aug 2004

my ntl account works fine.

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