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  whitebarnowl 09:20 20 Aug 2004

I have a 6gig drive and I want to fit a new 40gig drive. Can I use ghost to transfer all my settings onto the new drive and if so, will it show as a 6 or 40 gig drive? thanks for any help or advice. Nearly forgot I am still using Win98 se and I do not want to change the o/system.

  Diemmess 09:31 20 Aug 2004

You can restore a ghost image to any HD which has at least as much space as the original data took.

BUT and it is an important "but" the act of restoring wipes everything off the target drive.

This means that if you havn't partitioned your new HD already, then do that before you actually transfer anything.

I suggest 5 or 6Gb for the new drive C: and then D: can be what is left, or you might divide this as well.

When you make your ghost image save it anywhere but the new C: and then you can restore it to the new C: when you are ready.

  whitebarnowl 09:44 20 Aug 2004

Thanks for the advice. If I have understood you correctly, I need to partition my new drive into c: 7gb and d: 33gb

then use ghost and save that to my new d: partition

take out the old 6gb drive and then copy the ghost from my d: to c: on my new drive.

  bremner 10:06 20 Aug 2004

It will depend on whether you want multiple partitions or not.

My personal choice would be to create a C partition of 33GB and a D of 7GB. I would create the ghost Image onto D.

Then restore that Image to C. This way you can keep the Image permanently on the D for future use should you have a problem.

You could of course create more partitions with the 33GB if that is your choice

  whitebarnowl 10:10 20 Aug 2004

Okay guys thanks for your help, think I've got it now.

  scooby43 10:22 20 Aug 2004

I would keep backups on seprate hard drives my self just incase your main drive went at anytime.

  Diemmess 10:30 20 Aug 2004

Partitions on the new HD.

Various ways to go. Bremner thinks C: should be large. My own aim has been to keep C: as small as possible and load it with W98SE and as little else as I can get away with!

Most of the Apps and all the data go on another partition/s. The idea being that when 98 suffers something terminal, the Ghost image is small quickly restored while the data and installations remain untouched. .........This gives reason for more partitions to suit your way of storing things, but as I said, you have the choice.

whitebarnowl---- to answer your direct question--
Partition your new HD (and format each partition).
Save your Ghost image to any partition on the new HD except C:

Finally with just the new HD in your "box", restore the old image of C: to the new C: partition.
Just a word of warning. When partitioning and formatting the new HD, the safest way is to remove the old HD for the while and avoid wiping the wrong HD! Drive letters can be very confusing when working in DOS!

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