Using Fax with Broadband

  ChrisP 13:33 17 Jan 2003
  ChrisP 13:33 17 Jan 2003

I am about to go over to broadband. At present I have two phone lines, one being used for the computer and fax (Winfax on the computer). I intend to tell BT that I want to discontnue the second line. This means that I will have my computer and the phones (3) on one line. I will therefore need four microfilters. To send faxes, presumably I can connect my 56k modem to the other modem (or the wall socket?) and use Winfax as before. To receive faxes, I can either ask senders to phone me first and make the 56k modem connection as above, or use a service like efax (any others better?) to provide me with emails but leaving the senders with a bigger bill. I am not too worried about these bills as faxes have very short send times unless they are several pages (unusual for me, other than from businesses whaich can afford it anyway). Has anyone any comments on this, please, or experience on doing this or any other method of achieving the same results?

  siarad 13:41 17 Jan 2003

This has ben done many times but now there's no 'search' facility you may be lucky with a reply. Do as you say continue using your modem, no-one will notice any difference assuming the phone number is the same.

  DieSse 15:01 17 Jan 2003

I do it just as you propose - works fine (even efax).

  ricvic 15:45 17 Jan 2003

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