Using an external HDD as a boot disk

  newbie1000 18:39 24 Feb 2009


A while ago, I remember reading an answer in the Times which gave the name of a piece of software that could be used so that you could take an external HDD, load all your windows etc on to it, and plug it into any PC's usb port and boot from it as though it was the internal HDD. Result - just by carrying round this HDD you can use any computer as though it was your own.

Anyone have any idea what this software is called?
Any other comments or tips on achieving something like this much appreciated

  MAJ 19:00 24 Feb 2009

"Result - just by carrying round this HDD you can use any computer as though it was your own."

I can't see that working in the way you describe because there wouldn't be the correct drivers installed for the donor PC.

  Forum Editor 19:07 24 Feb 2009

support booting from an external drive.It's an old chestnut this, and although there are certainly utilities out there that claim to work around the problem. I haven't seen one yet that does the job properly.

Microsoft isn't interested in building this facility into Windows for obvious reasons - it would encourage piracy - and I'm not aware that any external drive manufacturers provide support for external drive booting.

  audeal 19:10 24 Feb 2009

If this was possible then your Motherboard would have to have the ability to boot from USB. Not all motherboards support this function.

Other than that I would think it possible If you install windows onto the external drive and, in effect, use it to replace the original C Drive.

Maybe I am wrong and others can correct me but it does seem possible, in theory, anyway

  audeal 19:12 24 Feb 2009

FE: I believe it is possible to boot from a pen drive. If this is so then why not from an external drive.

  newbie1000 19:17 24 Feb 2009

Thanks for the responses so far.

The reason for wanting to create this is so that I can have "1 computer" with all my things on it and either use it in my laptop when out and about or to plug it into a more powerful desktop when at home.

So when at home I could have the desktop using the specialist apps I have on the ext HDD but also use basic stuff like the internet separately on my laptop (booted from its internal hdd)

Don't know if this helps anyone suggest a solution?

  MAT ALAN 19:18 24 Feb 2009

click here

Seems you can as long as certain criteria is met..

  woodchip 19:37 24 Feb 2009

It would not work. Why? because the Drivers that would be loaded at the Time of you putting Windows on would only work with that computer.

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