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  algo mas 16:00 31 May 2007

I have an external hard drive. If I mirror my old computers hard drive on to my external hard drive and then plug it into my new computer running WIN XP can I use both win 98 and xp [seperatly]? Will my printer work?

This is a large hard drive so do I have to partition it if I want to back up/store files on it please?

  Diemmess 18:13 31 May 2007

I think the key phrase here is [and then plug it into my new computer]

No, it wont work at all, because the operating system has to match the Motherboard it was installed on, and most likely will not even boot.

By all means partition your new external HD, though recognisable new folders are all you really need.

You can use your new HD to store an image of your OS, in fact this is one way of having extra safety if the image was made using Acronis or latest Ghost software. The idea is that when your OS goes belly up you can restore a working system to the original drive using the Software method.

You can of course use the new HD as a vast place for storing every sort of data, dont bother with partitions just make suitable folders and sub folders as necessary.

  algo mas 13:37 01 Jun 2007

Dear Diemmess,
Thanks for information.
Will have to use cables to use both computers.

Thank you again.
alggo mas.

  Diemmess 17:59 01 Jun 2007

Yes - if you want to use both computers at the same time.
You can install XP (in a separate partition) on a primary HD i.e. the old computer, and then set up a multi-boot system.
Win 98 expects to occupy C: drive and cannot be installed after XP.

Also and this is most important you won't be able to use the same XP installation disk and have two installations at the same time (MS Licence.)
It goes on getting more and more complicated....!

So keep the new and the old one as they are and either network them with appropriate hardware and cables or if you have WI-FI that is another way of interconnection.

  woodchip 23:53 01 Jun 2007

How you could load 98se on the External drive is, Remove the drive Cable plugs from the built in Drive also remove drive from USB caddy set jumper on it to Master if it's IDE fit on to the plugs for the other internal drive then Install 98se on the drive. Put the drives back as they was before. then download a Dual Boot Program. Look Hear

click here

  algo mas 13:05 04 Jun 2007

Thanks to everyone, woodchip,Diemesss for your help, this is now resolved.
My mail reason for the question is that there are two "old" programmes on my win 98 computer that do not work correctly on win xp. Adobe photodelux HE 3.00 and one of the kodak photo software,

I contacted kodak thinking they may have a programme knocking around in their offices somewhere but they said. " we do not support this programme anymore".

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