Using excessive amounts of RAM

  NinkyRudes 15:38 02 Nov 2007

I have an interesting question, which may well have been answered somewhere before, so please forgive me if it has.

The Internet is riddled with endless discussions about the questionable benefits of adding and extra 2Gb RAM to a system already running 2Gb. The general consensus is that there will be very little benefit, as x86 operating systems can only address a theoretical maximum of 3.5Gb - closer to 3Gb in practice.

However, if one was to go the whole hog and stick more RAM in there, my question is this:

Would there be any potential performance increase if the user installed 2 x 2Gb matched sticks (running in dual-channel mode), as opposed to just filling a single slot with 1Gb in single channel mode? Let's assume for arguments sake that all four sticks were identical and ran at 800MHz.

I'd be interested to hear the opinions of some of the seasoned posters in this forum.

  NinkyRudes 15:42 02 Nov 2007

Sorry I meant "Would there be any potential performance increase if the user installed 2 x 1Gb matched sticks"

Sorry if I've confused the issue!

  crosstrainer 15:44 02 Nov 2007

Tried both suggestions, using Corsair hogh performance RAM...The fact is that an x86 platform really cannot address more than 3gb.

On this machine, Vista is running with 2gb happily, plays games etc no problem. I have built one 64 bit machine in the last few months which did benefit from the extra memory, but not that much.

This has 2x 8800GTX graphics, AMD dual core FX cpu, and if I was going to build myself yet another machine, I guess I would go Quad Core now.

  NinkyRudes 15:54 02 Nov 2007

Thanks, but I suppose the question is about whether the improved bandwidth of dual channel mode would make that last gigabyte more efficient, should Windows ever actually need to address it.

Very theoretical question I know!

  crosstrainer 16:03 02 Nov 2007

Not I suspect notice :) DDR2 800 dual channel high quality 2x1gb sticks is fine.

  NinkyRudes 16:15 02 Nov 2007

Thanks for that, I found all my answers here:

click here

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