Using Excel "IF" function to find/extract data

  Mark-335400 11:01 08 May 2003

I want excel to look at cell to see if it is empty of data and then if this arguement is true to then go to another cell and if it contains data (random text) to copy the contents. I know how to use the IF function to check a cell to see if it is empty and then return a value based on the result but I am unable to link the next arguement of moving onto a specific cell to examine it for any text... Thanks in adavnce

  BibleGuru 12:22 08 May 2003

Have you tried using the Excel Help (F1) data? Failing that, log on to the Microsoft Excel Newsboard.

  VoG™ 12:32 08 May 2003

I'm not clear what you are trying to achieve. Are you saying:

If A1 is blank then put a value from say B1 in A1. If you are then you cannot use a cell formula (like an IF statement) to do it.

Can you specify exactly what you want to do, including the cell addresses. It may be possible to write a simple macro.

When do you want this to happen - every time the sheet changes?

  Bailey08787 12:39 08 May 2003

kind of on the same topic

anyone know how to make Excel count duplicate entries in a column?

and then extract all duplicate entries?

  Paranoid Android 12:44 08 May 2003

How about


Frst cell = A5
2nd cell = B5
Formula in C5
If A5 is empty and B5 is not empty, returns the value of B5
If A5 is full, returns ""
If B5 is empty, returns ""


  VoG™ 12:55 08 May 2003

Go to click here and download ASAPUtilities.

Select your column and on the ASAPUtilities menu select Columns Rows then Conditional row and column select, hide or delete.

Under Search options, select duplicate values.

  Mark-335400 14:05 08 May 2003

sorry about the delay in replying , (server down).
VoG™, what I am trying to do is to first look at cell A1 for example and if its got data in to return a value of N, however if A1 contains no data then look at B1 and if this contains data/text then to return a value of Y

  VoG™ 14:29 08 May 2003


If both A1 and B1 are empty, this will return 0.

  Mark-335400 14:53 08 May 2003

Thanks everyone for the replies (especially Paranoid Android, VoG™ (yet again)) Problem solved by way of the reponses above. Many Many Thanks

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