Using a document CD - created in Word 2002

  sheann 10:46 10 Sep 2006

Trying to purchase a new laptop I find that although picture CDs created in Word 2002 will open document ones will not. "A dialogue box is open" it tells me. The salespeople tell me I have to purchase Works Suite 2003 (I only require Word) in addition to the already installed Works 8.0 at a cost ranging from £40 to a staggering £350. Surely I could just install Word from the disc I have for my desktop, and why is it necessary to change the system?

  mikesuther 11:45 10 Sep 2006

You are correct Sheila, you can install word from another ther disc, but the problem is that technicaly your user licence from microsoft is for a single user nad so of course they will not want oyu to use the disc from your desktop on to your laptop.

As i say you could install the disc but be aware of copyright infringement. you would only need to spend £350 on the complete office package. if you wanted the latest version of word you could download a trial of office proffesional (Beta) this has not been released for sale but microsoft are looking for people who are prepared to try it for a limited time for free ( until the end of January i think) and give there opinion.

if this is not what you want then buy a copy of word from somewhere like pc world or somewhere reputable for about £70. if you are a student you could always obtain a copy of the student office edition for about £100, the advantage of this is that it will give you other packages as well as word such as excel and publisher.

I hope this helps kind regards


  Taff™ 12:45 10 Sep 2006

click here This will open any Word Documents and it`s free! Better than Works anyday.

  Taff™ 14:11 10 Sep 2006

Thanks Taff - sounds good to me.....I'll give it a try. Sheila.

The only tip I`ll give you with OpenOffice is that during set up tick the boces for allowing it to open Word,Excel & other MS files.

In use make sure that when you save a document you use "File Save As" and from the drop down box "Fil;e Type" select a MS Format (.doc 0r .xls etc - usually referred to as Office 97 / XP) Then ignore the compatibility warnings and losses of formatting etc.

  Simsy 14:39 10 Sep 2006

"Surely I could just install Word from the disc I have for my desktop"...
In fact this may be permitted.

I believe that some versions of Office allow installation on 2 PCs, so long as the second is a laptop, which is what you're buying.

I'm not up on the exact details, but read the EULA for what you have for your desktop version and you may find that you're OK.

Having said that, I suspect that if your desktop version was OEM, it won't be allowed.

Good luck,



  DieSse 14:40 10 Sep 2006

You are allowed under the terms of the license to install MS Office on one desktop plus one laptop of your own.

  Taff™ 15:50 10 Sep 2006

Simsy - DieSse - You are both correct of course. I think the version of Word she has installed came with Works 8. Not sure if the EULA is the same as MS Office though with regards to instal;ling on a laptop.

mikesuther - MS Office Student & Teacher doesn`t come with Publisher, I think you mean Word, Excel, Outlook & PowerPoint. (There is I think a MS S&T PRO edition that does though but it`s a tad more than £100!) The basic MS S&T edition is ony £75 ish from PC World - Is it September already? click here

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