Using a digital camera as a webcam

  The Teacher 19:08 19 Jun 2005

I am in need of a new webcam. However I have been told that I can use my digital camera as a webcam.

However, when I have tried to use the camera in Yahoo! Messenger I get the message that the camera is not connected. I know it is because I have download images stored on it onto the computer without a problem but when I look in Control Panel, cameras and scanners, there is nothing there. Trying to add the camera using the CD-Rom results only in a message asking me if I want uninstall the camera so it must be there somewhere.

Is it therefore possible to use a digital camera as a webcam and if so how?

I have an Olympus C220 Zoom digital camera with the Camedia software that came with it and I run Win XP Pro.

Many Thanks

The Teacher

  De Marcus 19:19 19 Jun 2005

It depends on whether your camera supports the webcam function or not, best dig your manual out.

  The Teacher 19:24 19 Jun 2005

Looked in the manual and all there in there is how to shoot pictures and download them.

The Teacher

  De Marcus 19:31 19 Jun 2005

Then I doubt it supports the function, the best way to check would be to see the technical spec of your camera normally found in the back of the manual, if it doesn't say so there then it definetely doesn't. Webcams are cheap enough nowadays so I wouldn't worry too much.

  Audeal 22:13 19 Jun 2005

My sister tried this last year. Although the camera worked and I could see her, the quality was rather poor. The camera needs to have the webcam option on the selector switch on the camera. If it don't then it will not work.

  Stuartli 08:52 20 Jun 2005

Some Fuji digital camera models have the webcam facility.

However, with the first class D-Link NetEasy 350 Pro available for under £18 at click here (try its TodayOnly page first for offers, click here), it's hardly worth the effort to use a digital camera.

The NetEasy has a specification that rivals similar models up to four times the price and has a true CCD sensor.

I've been using one of the 350 Pros for two or three years and am very happy with the results.

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