Using a dig. camera to store files (not images)

  Number six 20:44 10 Jul 2006

A friend has just bought a new keyboard (musical type!) and we wish to import some music (.wav) files to it. This can be done using a USB storage device. My question is this. Is it safe to use a digital camera containing a Secure Digital flash memory card, i.e. copy the files from my pc to the camera, then plug it into his keyboard to download them? I was wondering if it would be necessary to format the card from the pc first, then re-format using the camera afterwards to enable it to carry on storing images?

  Stuartli 20:47 10 Jul 2006

Buy a memory card reader/writer (well under £10 these days) that accepts Secure Digital cards amongst others.

You can use your SD card from the camera to download musical files and then download them to another system or send by e-mail if you wish.

I do this with my camera's SD cards to transfer/download various types of files, but always reformat the card(s) in the camera afterwards just to be sure.

  Number six 21:05 10 Jul 2006

Hi Stuartli. Do you think it is absolutely necessary to use a card read/writer, as we will probably only need to do this once?

  Stuartli 21:09 10 Jul 2006

It should be possible (I have a cheapo £10 MP3 player that can also be used as a memory card reader/writer) but, on the other hand, a card reader/writer always comes in handy...:-)

The only way to find out is to try it - nothing ventured, nothing gained.

  Stuartli 21:10 10 Jul 2006

Not sure if the camera would be able to read other than DCIM (pix) files though.

  Number six 21:12 10 Jul 2006

OK will do. Cheers Stu.

  SG Atlantis® 21:19 10 Jul 2006

chuck the files on a cd-r, worth about 5p or someting.

  Simsy 21:26 10 Jul 2006

my fuji finepix in the way you wish with no problem at all. No formatting or anything like that needed at all.

Good luck,



  woodchip 21:42 10 Jul 2006

Yes you can use the camera as a Drive. To transport files

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