Using D-Link Wireless Modem/Router as a Router

  janzen 13:56 27 Jul 2006

Hi All

I have a D-Link Wireless Modem/Router but now I've changed from ADSL to Cable (NTL).

I want to change the Wireless Router settings to act as a simple router so I can connect it directly to the Cable modem.

Does anyone have any experience with this?
Any advice will be appreciated.


  ade.h 14:15 27 Jul 2006

Cannot be done. You'd need an Ethernet WAN port on the back for the cable modem, the router would have to be capable of disabling its own modem and accepting the PPPoE protocol from the cable modem. If it could be done, we'd all be using the same type of modem. Get a WRT54 or something like that.

  FelixTCat 14:58 27 Jul 2006


I'm afraid ade.h is right about the D-Link, as I found some time ago. However, this is not the case with every adsl modem wireless router. I have very recently tried this with a BT 2110 and it works, even without switching off the modem provided that the phone line is unplugged.



  ade.h 15:22 27 Jul 2006

The 2110 will no doubt switch it off automatically. I assume that it has a dedicated WAN port, or does it adapt one of its LAN ports?

  FelixTCat 15:25 27 Jul 2006

Hi ade.h,

I just used a normal lan port. Got both wired and wireless connectivity and internet access.


  mgmcc 17:23 27 Jul 2006

<<< I just used a normal lan port. Got both wired and wireless connectivity and internet access. >>>

What you have effectively done is to use the Wireless Router as a Wireless Access Point. By using a LAN port, it will pass the IP address allocated by the ISP to the computer that connects wirelessly to it. However, it isn't acting as a router so more than one computer would be unable to get an IP address to connect to the network or internet.

...unless you really have found the "Holy Grail" ;)

  ade.h 17:42 27 Jul 2006

I don't think the Holy Grail would have "BT" stamped on it!

  FelixTCat 19:09 27 Jul 2006


You're quite right. When I saw your post I went back and had another look. The cable modem was feeding a very old Netgear wireless router whose wireless card had long since given up the ghost. That was feeding the BT device.

Still, my D-Link wouldn't work like that!



PS We shouldn't use janzen's thread for this, interesting though it is.

  janzen 18:19 28 Jul 2006

Thanks guys for your advise. I bought a Belkin wireless G router and gonna sell the modem/router on eBay unless somebody's interested in a D-Link DSL-G604T? lemme know if yes

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