Using Computer Speakers with a Television.

  lytsty 03:48 23 May 2007


I am trying to save some money on a sound system for my TV, so I am wondering if it is possible to connect computer speakers directly to a TV's audio output? I am unsure if this is at all possible, so I have no specifics as to what speakers id plan on using, but I'm hoping that doesn't matter all that much yet. Thanks in advance for any help.

  Meshuga 07:32 23 May 2007

As computer speakers are usually very small I would not think the sound quality would be very good for a TV.

  Technotiger 07:51 23 May 2007

Hi, there is not much point in having a sound 'System' (which usually means Surround Sound) because TV sound is at best in Stereo only.

  Technotiger 07:51 23 May 2007

Another point - how is having speakers on your TV going to save money?

  Gongoozler 08:01 23 May 2007

Hi lytsty. The brief answer to your question is yes. However your computer speaker's volume control is probably on the speaker itself, and the tv remote will probably not control the audio output. If your computer speakers are good quality, and the tv speakers (as is often the case with a flat panel tv) are very small and poor sound quality, then you will get an improvement. My tv is connected to my hi-fi auxiliary input which does give a massive improvement.

  Technotiger 08:02 23 May 2007

Been thinking some more (not easy this time of the morning), if you have the correct combination of a HiFi system, perhaps with surround sound, and a spare scart socket on TV, then yes it would be possible to have the TV audio coming through the HiFi system - it would even be possible to have the audio out from the PC to audio in on the HiFi and then you would have audio everywhere ... get a set of wireless headphones, then you could even listen in while you are in the bath, or in the garden.

I know, someone is going to say 'Ooooh, very dodgy,
electrics in the bath! but Wireless :-))

  Technotiger 08:26 23 May 2007
  Stuartli 13:43 23 May 2007

Connecting a reasonable pair of speakers either to the TV's audio socket or headphones output would probably more than suffice.

>>because TV sound is at best in Stereo only.>>

Not necessarily. Many people with large screen TVs have Home Cinema speaker systems so that they can enjoy surround sound or Dolby Pro whilst watching a DVD or enhancing the TV sound.

In fact quite a few TV programmes these days include Dolby surround sound for this reason.

  Technotiger 14:21 23 May 2007

Hi, yeah, I forgot about these big modern setups. I only have an ordinary 26" TV. I used to have my PC/TV/HiFi all connected, with sound distributed through nine speakers, but I changed my TV about a year ago and have not bothered to recreate my earlier setup. Feeling my age these days I'm afraid.

  Stuartli 14:52 23 May 2007

My other half hates the TV sound coming from the hi-fi - the reason is that the right hand speaker is alongside her and, therefore, the sound is not coming directly from the television set..:-)

  Technotiger 15:03 23 May 2007

Hmmm, ditto Stuartli, when my Partner is here she hates the sound as well. At those times I use only headphones if I am doing anything 'noisy' on the PC.
When we are together permanently, hopefully later this year, then I expect I will be using headphones most of the time :-)

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