Using CD-RW as removable hard disk

  naggis 09:05 19 Feb 2007

I would like to write sensitive files to a disk which can be removed from the computer.
These files will require updating from time to time so a permanently written CD is not the answer.
How can I use a CD-RW as a removeable hard disk which would allow updating of data?

  xania 09:16 19 Feb 2007

There's pleant of back-p software around, including some free stuff. But frankly, all you need is a small batch file. Assuming the files you want to store are in folder c:\myfiles and your CD drive is D:, your batch file would read

erase d:\*.* /s/q
xcopy c:\myfiles\*.* /e d:\myfiles\*.*

or you casn simply drag the files in My computer.

  [email protected] 09:18 19 Feb 2007

The only way I can think of, is to buy an external CDRW drive. Depending on the size of the files/capacity - a USB key may be the answer. The latter may be more practical as CDRW discs don't really lend themselves to continual write/re-write although they to perform this funcion quite well within their normal usage parameters. Portable HDD's are not very expensive and is probably you best bet.

  naggis 09:40 19 Feb 2007

I had tried dragging the files in My Computer.There is a message saying that the files are ready to write. But when I try the Wizard says that I don't have access to the particular drive.
I use Nero 6. Do I need InCD? Has this version got it ? I can't find any reference to it.

  BRYNIT 11:01 19 Feb 2007

If you want to use a CD-RW you will need InCD you can download it from click here you will need to format the CD-RW disk before you can add files or alter the files on the disk.

CD-RW disk are not always reliable and i would suggest making more tan one copy. Alternatively as [email protected] mentioned a usb flak drive or external HD may be more suitable.

  BRYNIT 11:03 19 Feb 2007

Must check spelling

USB flak drive should read USB Flash drive

  Diemmess 11:16 19 Feb 2007

For shear ease of use, lack of fuss and security, a pen drive has to be the answer.

Sensitive data can be saved to the removable stick and need never appear on the PC's HD.

For multi folder backups I use a freebie -EZBackitup which saves the tedious business of writing your own batch file

  johnem 13:56 19 Feb 2007

I use this software click here
Set up a schedule and it does the back up for you. Mutliple folders are not a probvlem,
Then periodically copy/burn the destination folder to your prefered back up media.
It is probably best to backup to a folder first, to ensure that the data is correct before committing to to a CD-RW or other storage.

  GaT7 14:23 19 Feb 2007

Don't use InCd or similar 'packet-writing' software. Though convenient, I've found it to be the most unreliable method of storing files. It's way better if you burnt a multi-session disk instead click here.

EZBack-it-up link click here.

As others have said, a USB flash drive is the easiest & most convenient. There's also free software available to keep it secure, like TrueCrypt click here [Q: How can I use TrueCrypt on a USB flash drive? click here].

Some good USB flash offers going at the moment:

ByteStor 1GB USB 2.0 click here
ByteStor 2GB USB 2.0 click here
Kingston 4Gb click here


  Totally-braindead 14:36 19 Feb 2007

CDRW are not reliable enough, sooner or later you will lose information, a pen drive is a much better idea.

  naggis 15:47 19 Feb 2007

Thanks guys for all the information.
The concensus seems to be to use a flash drive for convenience and security.
So I will give that a go
Does anyone have any experience with loss of data from a flash drive under normal circumstances?

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