Using capacity on SD Memory Cards to the full

  Connaught 14:09 15 Oct 2006

Irecently bought two SD 1GB Memory cards with the intention of using them for playing mp3 through Hotsync in the first instance but onbly about half the capacity of the card can be used. This happened with both. I have tried to copy the files direct through a card reader but I cannot use the full capacity of the card. The manufacturers(?) Viking tell me that it is to do with the file names being too long and said that I should place them in a sub folder. I have tried this but when I do this my Palm cannot see them.

Is there anyway of getting my mp3s on the card so that they can fill the capacity and the Palm can read them.?
I would be glad of help, thanks

  woodchip 16:51 15 Oct 2006

I think you will find it's your Hardware that will only recognise 512mb

  Totally-braindead 16:57 15 Oct 2006

I thought of this when I read the post woodchip but know little of the way these systems work.
I do know some digital cameras will not read high capacity cards so perhaps its the same thing.

  Connaught 22:21 15 Oct 2006

By Hardware, Woodchip, do you mean my PC, my Palm or the Memory Card? I have successfully filled the card to capacity with random data so it can take it! If you mean the Palm it seems the card has failed to take the MP3s before I ever apply it to the Palm. The PC operates well in transferring data.


  sean-278262 23:42 15 Oct 2006

I have a 1gb SD card in my Treo, You may find what they said is correct in that it may be the problem however it also was misdiagnosed. You need to shorten the names of the files. ie rename them so they are shorter.

Also what player are you using on your palm?

  woodchip 11:39 16 Oct 2006

I think your Palm is limited to 512Mb

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