Using Cable Wireless router with ADSL

  Biren 11:18 12 Sep 2007


I have linksys WRT54GC Ver-2 wireless router. I wanted to use it with my ADSL broadband connection. How can i do so? and is it possible by anymeans.

  mgmcc 13:24 12 Sep 2007

Unfortunately you have the wrong type of router for use with ADSL. You need a *COMBINED* "Router & ADSL Modem" which replaces the USB Modem.

The Linksys WRT54GC is suitable for the Virgin Media (NTL/Telewest) Cable broadband service.

  Biren 13:54 12 Sep 2007

Yeah I know that this router can be used with the Cable broadband only. I have a seperate ADSL Ethernet Modem. I wanted to know if there is anyway through which i can use this with my ADSL broadband and ADSL Ethernet Modem?
I just dont want to buy a new ADSL wireless router.

  irishrapter 19:36 12 Sep 2007

I have commented on something similar in another post, you can give it a shot as you have nothing to loose!
Here is what I said:

"I have a Netgear DG834G ADSL router, the wireless was acting up on the netgear so I used the Linksys WRT54G as a wireless access point. Better range I find as well.

All I did was connect the Internet / WAN port of the linksys to an Ethernet port on the netgear.
Have to keep different IP ranges for the Linksys and Netgear but all works fine."

  Ashrich 22:32 12 Sep 2007

It won't be a problem , simply get the ethernet modem set up and connected to the internet , then connect the ethernet cable from the modem to the WAN port of the wireless router ( do this first as when you power the router on it will look for a connection to the internet ) .Providing your two item do not have the same IP address ( I find that modem/routers usually have while non modem routers are , although this isn't always the case )they will work nicely together , simply configure the wireless router for connection and security and you're away .


  Ashrich 22:36 12 Sep 2007

Forgot to say , if they do both have the same default IP address you can either force a different one on the wireless router or disable DHCP and just use it as a wireless access point .


  Biren 16:29 13 Sep 2007

I have tried that earlier....but in my Wireless router set up page i see the IP address which i get dynamically allocated (87.87.Something) by my ISP rather than the IP address of the Ethernet Modem (192.168.Something)

My Ethernet Modem is set up to PPPoA whilst i dont have PPPoA in my Wireless Router (it have DHCP, PPPoE, Static IP, PPTP). Using the DHCP doesn't help.

  Ashrich 22:59 13 Sep 2007

Set up the wireless security and give the wireless router a name ( SSID ) then disable the DHCP on it , the router will probably want to reboot to save the settings . Power down the Linksys , remove the ethernet lead from the WAN port and plug it into a LAN port instead , power up again then try wirelessly connecting using the security key you set earlier .


  Biren 13:21 14 Sep 2007

Will try that...


If i disable the DHCP on the wireless router, I guess i wont be able to use more than one computer/laptop to connect to internet.

  Biren 13:21 14 Sep 2007

Aplogies mis-spelled Ashley as asley.

  Ashrich 20:11 14 Sep 2007

You will be able to use more than one , the modem will give the IP addresses instead of the router .


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