Using A BT Modem For talktalk ?

  zemdarin 13:52 13 Dec 2006

Is it possible to use a BT modem for talktalk. The [email protected] modem I have from talktalk does not allow me to hibernate my computer, unless I pull the USB cable out. I don't always want to shut it down completely when I know I will be going to use it again, or carry on with something I am doing.

If somebody does know could you give me the easy explanation on what I need to do to set it up please.

  Stuartli 16:17 13 Dec 2006

As ISPs on the BT system all use pretty much the same configuration I don't see why not - I used to use the [email protected] 800 with Tiscali and then TalkTalk before switching to an ADSL modem router.

In fact the Sagem's later drivers featured most UK ISPs in the installation list when being installed.

  Jackcoms 16:31 13 Dec 2006

"The [email protected] modem I have from talktalk does not allow me to hibernate my computer"

Why not?

I use a Sagem [email protected] 800 (with Tiscali) and hibernation works perfectly.

Just out of interest are you using a 3D or slide show screen saver?

They are known to prevent hibernation from working.

  zemdarin 17:19 13 Dec 2006

jackoms, I don't know why I can't hibernate with the [email protected] All I know is if I pull the USB plug out I can, then I have to re-plug it in after I get to the desktop. If I don't do that my computer freezes and my cursor will not work, causing me to shutdown completely, then I have to restart again. I have no problems shutting down at night with it plugged in and booting up the next morning. I don't have anything on my desktop apart from a blue screen so I see the icons easy.

Stuartli, I don't suppose you could explain how I get my old BT modem to work, do you please. I never had any problems with that one when I wanted to hibernate. I have tried but didn't know what I was doing really.

  howard64 17:20 13 Dec 2006

I am on tt and found their modem to be regularly dropping the connection. I am presently using an Alcatel speedtouch with my tt log in info on the dial up screen. Working perfectly and no connection dropping.

  Stuartli 17:47 13 Dec 2006


click here

I would check if there are any recent drivers for your modem from the BT website.

If you have problems, just use IE's Tools>Connection tab>Create new DialUp account wizard (using ADSL rather than dialup in the menu).

You will need to enter the "phone number" as:


and your TT username as [email protected] and your agreed password (lower case letters and numbers).

Access to the My Account section of the website is by entering your e-mail address and chosen password (you may have to get someone to send you an e-mail to activate the account).

  zemdarin 19:30 13 Dec 2006

Thank you for information. Will I have to uninstall talktalk broadband first, and then do I need to reinstall the drivers for the BT 105 modem from the disc I still have? This is what I am not sure how to do. I have installed talktalk modem using the same method as your url leads to. I already have access to my broadband and email account on talktalk's website.
The "phone number" that talktalk uses at the moment is just ADSL.

Talktalk broadband works OK for me apart from letting my computer Hibernate, which is a problem.

  Stuartli 19:47 13 Dec 2006

It's not a "phone number" as such (hence the quotes), but the VPI/VCI protocol for the BB service (this is the UK version, other countries use a variation).

I'm presuming that your BT modem is a USB model; if you install the drivers, as far as I can tell it should just replace the Sagem.

  zemdarin 20:09 13 Dec 2006

Yes my modem is USB so would it be better to uninstall the talktalk drivers first, before I install the BT modem drivers I have on disc, then follow your instructions to connect to talktalk. Last time I tried this, in my control panel under Network Connections it showed BT Voyager, where at the moment it shows talktalk Broadband. Will it connect to talktalk after I put the password and username into it? Sorry if this is a bother. I suppose if I try and it doesn't work again I can always change it back.

  woodchip 20:16 13 Dec 2006

You should not need software to set it up. All you need is the Modem Drivers. Then go to Connection Wizard after loading them. In Control Panel\Networks. You can also delete remove the BT ISP from there

  zemdarin 20:31 13 Dec 2006

OK I think I understand. I will give it a try and see what happens. If I get back here I will have been successful, if not it will take me a while to install talktalk modem again.

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