Using both Wired & Wireless

  She 19:07 27 Sep 2005

I have a Desktop PC running XPPro with a wired network connection to my husbands workstation running W98SE. We have a wired 50:1 Broadband internet service with Freedom2Surf using an e-Tec ADSL router.

I should like to buy a laptop and be able to use it with a wireless connection to my Desktop PC and use the existing internet connection.

Is it possible to run both wired and wireless systems or would I have to change the whole setup to a wirless system using a wireless router with the relevant LAN cards.

  mgmcc 20:01 27 Sep 2005

I'm not quite sure how you have it set up. It *sounds* as though your husband's PC is connected to a router, he's enabled Internet Connection Sharing on the router connection and you have connected *directly* to his PC by crossover cable. You should in fact have your PC connected to the router as well.

If the router is not a "wireless" one, then to connect a Wi-Fi enabled laptop to the network, you need to plug a "Wireless Access Point" into one of the router's LAN ports, which effectively makes it a "Wirelesss Router". The laptop would then connect to the rest of the network, and the Internet, via the Wireless Access Point.

  She 20:07 27 Sep 2005

Thanks mgmcc.

Will the Wireless Access Point allow using the laptop at a distance of say 150ft?

  mgmcc 21:28 27 Sep 2005

It's always difficult to say whether a wireless connection will work over a particular distance, because it also depends on what is in between - thick stone walls, flimsy platerboard walls, floors/ceilings if on different levels and so on.

I came across someone whose new house had aluminium foil in the walls to conserve heat. That killed the wireless signal totally - end of network!

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