Using AOL Broadband through networked computer

  User-A1BEEF52-1D14-4722-9F30D7B6199F7FBF 16:50 20 May 2003

Have successfully set up wireless ad-hoc network between 2 computers and can share contents of each C drive and printers. Can't manage to connect to AOL via Broadband connection from remote computer. AOL helpdesk should be renamed unhelp desk as their response is that they don't provide advice on home networks.
Wireless adapter on computer with Broadband modem has Internet sharing protocol,IPX/SPX protocol and TCP/IP protocol listed under bindings tab, 2nd computer wireless adapter has IPX/SPX & TCP/IP protocols listed.
Broadband modem is Globespan USB ADSL WAN modem (BT Voyager modem). Its properties under bindings tab are given as NDISWAN. I don't really understand what these terms mean but guess that because protocols for wireless adapters and Broadband modem are different, this is why I can't make a connection. How can I get them to have same protocols?? - is that the reason I can't connect?
OS is Win 98SE on both machines.

Have also tried to set up AOL on 2nd computer to make connection.
Followed instructions on AOL Help for setting up and connecting to AOL via LAN as AOL Help “Creating a Custom Proxy Configuration”. On Sign On screen clicked setup, on Edit AOL Setup screen clicked expert setup, on Connection Setup screen clicked Locations tab and clicked on Add Location, clicked “select a connection using one of these available devices” and selected “TCP/IP: LAN or ISP”.
In Add Number (Connection) screen, changed name to LAN Location. Clicked Next to set up a TCP/IP location.
Back in Connection Setup screen, with LAN location highlighted, clicked Edit. In Edit Location screen clicked edit with LAN Location highlighted.
In Edit Number (Connection) screen selected “Manual Proxy Configuration” and clicked “View”.
Manual configuration screen shows Host as, Port 5190, box ticked for UDP not available, use TCP/IP.
With these settings when I try to connect to AOL I get the Dial-up Connection screen asking me for a User Name and Password, and can't connect.

On Manual Configuration screen noted above, there is an option “Connect using proxy”? If I do, Protocol has Socks 4 selected, Port 1080, Host blank.
There is also an option "Use proxy to resolve hostnames"
This completely loses me. What does Connect using proxy mean?

Please help - I reckon I've wasted 20 hours trying to sort this!!!

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