Using Acronis True Image.

  Meshuga 15:04 09 Nov 2004

I have tried to create an image of my Hard Drive on to CD-RW discs but although I follow the on screen instructions all I get, after being told that the estimated time will be 5 hours 41 mins and will require 3 discs at the compression setting selected, is that it failed to write data to the image archive file. A possible reason might be poor media quality. Does poor media quality mean the quality of the discs being used, if so how is the quality required measured and what else could be the cause. My OS is WinXP Home edition with SP2. My HD capacity is 76.6 gb with 4 gb used space. Any suggestions please?. Meshuga.

  iambeavis 15:10 09 Nov 2004

It could be your Anti-Vir. The only way I could get T.I. to work was by disabling the AV and my firewall - I think it's buried somewhere obscure in the instructions.

  Meshuga 15:21 09 Nov 2004

for the suggestion iambeavis. I`ll have to study the insructions more carefully before proceeding. Meshuga.

  rawprawn 15:36 09 Nov 2004

Hi, if I were you I would contact Acronis Support they are usually very helpful. I have never backed up to CD's but when I backup to my 2nd HD it only takes about 30 minutes for a full backup at normal compression, so something is amiss iambeavis may be on the right track but I have never had a problem with my firewall.

  €dstowe 15:57 09 Nov 2004

Not an answer to your problem but, having had some dire failure of CDRW discs in the past, I wouldn't entrust them to store my shopping list, let alone something as important as a backup.

  Danoh 16:02 09 Nov 2004

If changing to CD-R rather than CD-RW does not work, then a 2-step work around could be worth trying;

Create CD-sized packages of your backup image onto your hard drive instead of writing to CDs "on the fly" as you have lots of spare space available. Then burn those CD-sized packages onto CD-R. You can delete the backup packages on your hard drive afterwards, using some other CD-writing utility programme.

  woodchip 16:25 09 Nov 2004

If you have another partition try writing the Backup files to that then copy to CDR or CDRW don't forget to set the size of the files so they will fit a CD

  captain birdseye 16:59 09 Nov 2004

I use Acronis frequently at work and it is quite common for large images to take several hours. Restores are much faster.

  Meshuga 17:27 09 Nov 2004

to all who have responded. As it would not work with CD-RW discs I tried it with my Omega 100 Zip drive and it recorded on to that ok, but it requires 18 discs in all to complete. I`ll have to make further enquiries to see why it wont record on to CD. At the price of Zip disks it would be cheaper to get an external HD. Thanks to All. Regards, Meshuga.

  Danoh 18:22 09 Nov 2004

Clearly you prefer re-writeable media for your image backup as you make no mention of trying CD-R. If so, why not consider adding an internal hard drive instead? They are less than £50 for 80Gb and just over £50 for 160Gb. Which will cater for all your current and future data backup needs with your current setup?

  Meshuga 18:49 09 Nov 2004

As you will see in my post before yours, I had mentioned using an external hard drive, mainly to save the trouble of fitting an internal one. I will however try using a CD-R as you suggest.I dont have any preferences as long as it does the job. I assume that the method is the same. I`m a novice where this is concerned. I appreciate your helping me. Regards, Meshuga.

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