Using Acronis TI V8 with later Windows OSs / Linux variants

  Batch 13:35 30 Apr 2012

I currently have ATI V8 under WinxP on my 3 PCs (desktop, laptop and netbook). It works fine for me. I do periodic full image backups of my system partitions with the images ranging in size from 2.5GB to 4GB (and I don't use ATI hidden security partitions for the images). Generally I create images from within Windows, but boot ATI from CD / Flash Drive to do restores (rather than trying a restore from within Windows and then allowing ATI to detect that it is an active system partition restore and ATI offerring to reboot in to its shell).

At the moment I'm just thinking ahead to a time when I will either switch to Linux (e.g. Ubuntu) or to a later version of Windows (probably Win8) and, in particular, whether I could continue to use ATI8 with Win8 / Ubuntu (working on the basis that image creation as well as restore would all be carried out by booting from CD / Flash drive).

As far as I can see, this approach would work with Win8 (as the file system is seeemingly standard NTFS and is supported by ATI8).

But for Ubuntu (whatever the latest version is at the time) I'm assuming ext4 (although I assumed I could install it as ext3). ATI supports ext3 (so I'm assuming that unless I were not to use "extents"), Ubuntu using ext4 would not work for ATI8.

Anyone care to comment? BTW, I realise I could get a later version of ATI or various other (Windows based) imaging software (e.g. Easus ToDo) - but what I'm really interested in that at the moment is just trying to understand what ATI8 might / might not be good for.

In spite of the what I've said above, does anyone know if there are Linux / Ubuntu compatible equivalents of ATI (especially that are as user friendly) and if so what are they called? I've come a utility called DD, but that seems to come with a lot of health warnings and a lot of command line work.


  LastChip 17:40 30 Apr 2012

OK, I'm not familiar with ATI v8, so cannot comment on whether it would work with Linux ext4 or not, but Clonezilla, certainly does and with practically everything else as well.

In fact, I use it to image my servers every now and then and it works just fine.


  Batch 17:53 30 Apr 2012

That's interesting LastChip. One thing it appears not to provide that the likes of ATI have is creating compressed images as backup.

Clonezilla appears to be specifically a cloning tool(as I believe XXClone (fo Windows) is.

ATI provides cloning, but also compressed images for backup / restore purposes where unused space and (Windows)paging files are not included and the backed up info is compressed.

  LastChip 19:04 30 Apr 2012

Actually, it does compress the image and if you wish, it will also check it's integrity on completion and tell you if it's likely to be able to provide a reliable restoration.

  mooly 07:46 01 May 2012

I asked a similar type question regarding W8 and Acronis over at this place,

I also wanted to know whether Acronis could perform incrementals when run outside of Windows.

  Batch 16:44 01 May 2012


As far as I can see ATI works fine doing incrementals when booted standalone The option is there on the menu, but I've never tried it as I have much more confidence in full backups (partly for the same reasoning I'm not a fan of Windows System Restore) - you are dependent upon some software achieving differential tracking and recording it and restoring it all in sync. Full backups are not subject to that.

As I said originally, as far as I am aware Win8 will still use standard NTFS, so I sort of assume even ATI8 would still back those up (when run standalone).


I'll take your word for Clonezilla doing compressed backup images, but on a prima facie basis this doesn't come over from the website.

  mooly 18:56 01 May 2012

Batch, I used to think like that over incrementals... lots to go wrong, lots of what ifs but having used TI for a few years I have 100% confidence in them now and have restored many many times from a tree of 6 or 7 incrementals. I use it daily with a new incremental sequence being started and run every week.

I must admit I have never had to run Acronis from the CD so it's good to hear you say it should be OK. It can't be long before there is an ATI especially for W8.

System restore... I have that turned off along with auto defragmenting.

  Batch 20:22 01 May 2012


Likewise, System Restore was binned as soon as ATI proved itself.

I suppose because my system partition is so small (WinXP + Pgms really), it only takes literally a few mins to backup / restore, so any benefit from incrementals is would be marginal.

As for running it from CD - why don't you just try booting it and check out that you're comfortable with the options.

  mooly 07:16 02 May 2012

I'm sure I will at some point... thanks.

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