Using a 3rd-party router with O2 ADSL2+

  adam32 18:24 22 Sep 2010

I recently changed from an ADSL supplier to ADSL2+ from O2, which use a Thomson router. I had never previously used ADSL2+ or an ISP-supplied router, so I was a bit surprised to find that I did not need to enter a username and password into it.

Does this mean that these details are pre-configured by O2 or does ADSL2+ not use them?

I ask because the wireless reception is not as good as I'm used to, so I may replace it with a router of my preferred brand (Draytek). If I do so, will I run into any problems with configuration and/or compatibility?

I asked O2 about this but it has not responded.

  adam32 12:28 26 Sep 2010


  onthelimit 15:33 26 Sep 2010

I'm pretty sure that if you buy another router, the user name and password (default) will be printed on it. For example, a Netgear router uses admin and password as its default. Should be no problem.

  LastChip 03:01 27 Sep 2010

You can use anything you like.

I use my own equipment on o2 with no problem.

Their own routers have a back door, that lets them update the router remotely and that is one reason, I won't use it.

For example, when they recently changed their DNS routers, rather than tell me the truth via an email they sent me, they assumed they could update the addresses automatically and simply said we will be updating your router in the next couple of days. I knew they couldn't because they don't have access to my equipment.

Result? I lost connection due to them changing the DNS routers addresses and ended up having to call them to find out what was going on.

While the help desk techie was excellent and knew straight away what the problem was, (I suspect he'd had a few more calls about the same issue) it was annoying.

  KremmenUK 12:29 28 Sep 2010

I'm using a Netgear DG834GT with O2 BB with great success.

If you trundle over to the O2 community forum there are a number of recommended routers with their individual settings.

  adam32 01:14 02 Oct 2010

"I'm pretty sure that if you buy another router, the user name and password (default) will be printed on it. For example, a Netgear router uses admin and password as its default."

How can a Netgear or any other router contain the username and password for my ADSL connection? I think that you misread my question.

  onthelimit 09:09 02 Oct 2010

admin/password is the default to access the router pages. From there you will need to input your ISP's password to connect once the router is set up.

  adam32 12:37 02 Oct 2010

You are still misreading my question. I know how to configure routers, but this has nothing at all to do with router logins. It is about ISP logins. I am used to ADSL ISPs that issue an ADSL user-name and password. For example, my last ISP used the account name plus phone number for the ADSL user-name. But O2 does not have this (as far as I can see) and I wanted to know whether any other router would expect me to have such data, as my previous routers always did. At least, from the other answers, I know that other routers will work with O2.

  LastChip 15:25 02 Oct 2010

o2 uses LLU (Local Loop Unbundling) which in turn uses it's own hardware.

An ADSL user name and password is not necessary or indeed issued.

  adam32 16:13 02 Oct 2010

Thanks, LastChip.

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