using 3200 memory with a 2500+ barton?

  dfghjkl 23:23 23 Jul 2004

hello all,when i put my pc together (2500+,msi kt4l,512 2700 memory)i thought i was putting together a stable system all running at 333mhz,in fact i did,i have had no problems.i have decided to use 400mhz memory and running the mobo at 400mhz with the fsb at 200,this will give me a 3200+.what i want to know is,can i use generic memory or will i need to spend more to achieve what i want?
i understand that you get what you pay for, but it is a bit of a luxury as i dont need to do this,but i can get 512 of 3200 for £50,so a reasonable price for an upgrade.even if i dont see an increase in speed etc,i can always use both sticks an then i will have do i need to spend £70 to £80,or will £50 do?thanks all.peter

  dfghjkl 17:54 24 Jul 2004


  Mister Splendid©® 18:29 24 Jul 2004

Crucial is the most recommended place to get good reliable ram at reasonable prices. what you are intending to do is a popular way to go. Just make sure you have good cooling for your cpu and that your agp and pci buses are still running at the correct speed to keep the cards happy.

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