using 3 monitors

  stevediggo 12:37 06 Sep 2008

Can someone there please advise me as i have 3 monitors running on my ATI pci express graphics card but since i do a lot of photography work i need to add an extra monitor what type of graphics card do i need?

  ambra4 14:51 06 Sep 2008
  DieSse 15:23 06 Sep 2008

You could just add another graphics card. Windows can handle multiple graphics cards (and has been able to since at least Win98 days).

What you can add will depend on your system architecture - AGP - PCIe - PCI slots.

  woodchip 15:41 06 Sep 2008

You may have to get a Old PCI card, but you do need a spare slot for it

  woodchip 15:42 06 Sep 2008

These can be picked up cheap at a computer fair

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