Using 2nd email addresses in Outlook 2000

  Nick1 18:58 05 Dec 2003

Some of my contacts have second email addresses. When I try to send an email using the 2nd address I right clikc on the addressee in the message recipient window and follow the 'action' and 'send mail to' arrows. I then click on the alternative address and get an error "A dialogue box is open. Close it and try again."

How can I send mail to the alternative address?

Puzzled of Melton Mowbray.

  hellred 18:31 06 Dec 2003

I bet your Outlook program is set to use Internet Mail only, right. For that to work properly you need to re-configure you mail settings to Workgroup and set the profile to use internet settings as default.

  Nick1 22:06 06 Dec 2003

Thanks, hellred. I have just had a look at the help topic and it said that for a dialup I should be using "Internet only" and it says that if I change the settings various files will be deleted and others added and that some features will change. It all sounds as if I should probably leave things well alone and work around it by having the alternative email addresses in different contacts. What do you think?


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