Using 2 hard drives on one computer

  anncon 12:13 06 Aug 2007

My Sony Vaio has 2 hard disc drives. The C drive has a capacity of 28GB of which I have used up 25 GB. This is the drive in which all pre - installed programmes are loaded and which the system seems set up to use automatically. The D drive has a capacity of 84 GBs of which les than 3 GB have been used. Although I am now trying to ensure that new programmes and downloads are going onto the D drive it does not seem very satisfactory. Is there anyway of overcomimg this situation? I have thought about trying to move some of my applications from C to D but am worried about losing data etc. Why is the computer arranged this way? What am I supposed to use these separate drives for? I am an elderly female and not technically very wise with these things so please can you help me?

  howard64 12:17 06 Aug 2007

you can move your my documents folder - I believe you go into explorer and right click on my docs and then send to and click on d drive.

  anncon 12:25 06 Aug 2007

Thanks for quick response. I have just tried to do it, but no "send to..." comes up when I right click on My Documents in explorer

  VoG II 12:27 06 Aug 2007

Right click My Documents > Properties > Move button.

Make sure that there are no documents open when you do this.

  2neat 12:27 06 Aug 2007

Lots of business comps are setup this way.
Applications are supposed to be installed to D:
You could get software to merge the drives so you just have C:
You state you are not tech wise so I would recommend you pay someone to do this for you!
Make sure all your data is backed up!!!

  mikesuther 12:31 06 Aug 2007

Hi I think I maight be right but I think you have 1 hard drive which has been partitioned. a program was installed and divided the drive into the 2 drives.

Although the drives are marked C and D if you goto the properties tab of the C drive and if it is a partitioned drive the easiest thing to do is to remove the partition. now depending on how it has been done you may need to buy some software or download a parttion manager. if you decide you want to keep the partition and just increase the size of C drive then it should be eay enough to manage.

I have no personal experience of partiotioning as i have two seperate hard drives. the reason i think you havve one drive is that you are using a laptop and most of sonys laptops are quite large and start at about 80 GB in total. I hope this helps if only slightly.

  cream. 12:46 06 Aug 2007

It will probably be a partitioned hard disk, thats one hard disk that has been split into two.

The easist would be to merge a large chunk of D into the C partition. easy with the right software.

What is the model number of the vaio.

  keef66 12:56 06 Aug 2007

I don't know of any laptop which has 2 separate physical hard discs; it is almost certainly a single 120gig HDD with 2 partitions.

Our company laptops are partitioned 50:50 and predictably the C drive fills up while D remains virtually empty. Will the I.T. department sanction changing the relative sizes of the partitions? NO!

As has been suggested, use partition manager software to change the sizes of the partitions, or merge them into a single C drive

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