users are connected?

  grumps2001uk 17:21 18 Jun 2003

help today i went on to my wifes mc as mine is in shop for repair she has win me which i have had someone try to network about 7 days ago which wasnt succesful but he was coming to sort out but my xp home crashed??? and went to shop for repair so carried on with wifes comp for about 6 days now today i get message when i am shutting down "the following users are connected to your computer OWNER{\\ man1} are these to do with networking and why have they just showen up i have done NAV virus scan

  Gaz 25 19:34 18 Jun 2003

Yes, it is networking.

It basically says a user is connected up to something on your PC, unplug your network cable before and it may work.

  jazzypop 21:31 18 Jun 2003

Are you getting this message on a PC that is running ME or XP?

  grumps2001uk 09:31 19 Jun 2003

GAS 25 i am not plugged into network cable only broadband modem.
Jazzypop i am on comp with ME i dont know i have come on here this morning 19/6/03 but after loggin in it just stayed there with hourglass but no icons or wallpaper had to press reset on basebox to come back out and start over again

  grumps2001uk 17:56 13 Jul 2003

sorry i didnt put resolved on this as my friend came round and booted out a hacker and i thought i had said so he got in by sending my wife a E-Mail address which contained a lot of code which allowed him access to the comp i complained to yahoo where he came and he was booted off yahoo for life

  grumps2001uk 18:03 13 Jul 2003

, after said so, after lot of code .after the comp insert from after he came sorry! i will have to stop taking wine before meals AND after

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