UserName & Password in Map Network Drive ?

  Covergirl 08:39 17 May 2008


I've just got a laptop (Samsung R60) and I'm sat downstairs connected to the internet through the Tiscali Wireless Modem.

I would now like to connect to the PC upstairs (Acer T180) throught the wireless modem.

Both PC's running Vista Home Premium.

I'm not sure how to, but I would expect the best way would be like at work through the "Map Network Drive" function.

When I click Map Network Drive, it selects a drive letter (Z for example) and clicking Browse shows me this laptop and the Home-PC upstairs. When I select Home-PC I'm asked for a User Name and Password in separate boxes (with a Remember My Password tick box).

I'm now stuck because I'm not sure what User Name or Password to use. There are no accounts set up - it just boots straight into Vista. There is the standard Vista firewall and AVG but nothing else.

How do I find my username and password please ? Anybody any ideas . . . ?

Any suggestions gratefully received.

  Covergirl 08:56 17 May 2008

It's not a wireless modem - it's a router.

The Acer upstairs is wired to the router even though it's a wireless router. (because I thought I might get faster speeds . . .)

Both the Samsung and the Acer can access the Internet independently

The Samsung laptop is downstairs and I get a good signal.

Thanks in advance

  chub_tor 09:08 17 May 2008

If you are just trying to share files between your two computers you don't need to use Map the Network Drive function. You just need to enable File and Printer sharing.
Start, Control Panel, Network and Internet, Set up File Sharing, Set up a Connection or Network and follow the prompts.

  Covergirl 09:22 17 May 2008


Yes, That's all I want - to use files from upstairs

Tried that and doesn't work. It's created a new item in Connect To and when I try to connect to it it disconnects the internet.

Thanks for that - will wait for other suggestions - got to go to opticians now so will report back later


  daxian 10:00 17 May 2008

hi covergirl...
if you have set file and printer sharing in bothe pcs ..(via network wizard) you will also need to set up which items you want to share ,by default you will only be able to "see" the shared folder and the printer ....if you want access to all files then right click on the c: drive on the pc you want to access and select share,this is not a recomended and you will probably get a warning from windows .
alternativly select individual folders (with information you need to access )right click and share.
a network drive is a different beast and actually gets connected to the router .hope this helps

  Covergirl 20:53 18 May 2008

Thanks for that - I've been told to set up the files I want to share on the PC upstairs, then move down to the laptop and get access from there.

Not had time to look at anything yet so will have a go this week.

Thanks all for now

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