user registration and profiles

  vinnyo123 15:15 29 Oct 2005

I am currently running a Chat site with basic HTML and a java applet for IRC chat "IRC server".
My IRC server is accessed through Java Applet "Web Based" and IRC client software.
I am looking to add a user registration system and allow them to create profiles "say upload pics and give them there own page"

I been researching this and trying to find the most basic way and secure way of accomplishing this task.

Please any opinions would be appreciated !

  Xzrox 16:54 29 Oct 2005

Not sure, at first thought, about any online services that could help you here without having to learn a programming language and write your own.

Alternatively, click here to see if there's anything in Hot Scripts' huge library of online software, that's similar to what you're after.

If you're going to use something like a PHP, Perl or ASP (urgh) script then you will have to look at your hosting solution to see whether it offers online scripting support and possibly database facilities.

  vinnyo123 18:25 29 Oct 2005

Been searching for "per say server software"
that could handle this by just purchasing and configuring. Gonna take a peek at your link.

Not to worried about hosting right now.

What language would be best for this type of setup.


  vinnyo123 22:14 29 Oct 2005

I am currently testing these two using software called BadBlue for PHP server and MySQL.Seems to me that this the right direction got badblue running PHP installed and so far able to share files and folders and password protected. BUT not even close to where I want to be.

Any advice or input !

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