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  Mike D 11:08 12 Mar 2007

I have been having a feew strange niggles with my pc and I happened to look in the Event Viewer at the application log and found error messages relating to my profile, "insufficient memory to load the Registry" and "unregognized profile". I then loooked at my User Profiles and there are two - one being what I would think is my usual profile and one creating this morning. Am I safe in delting a profile? What are the consequences?

Have I looked into Pandora's box when I shouldn't have?

Thanks in advance


  vinnyT 12:35 12 Mar 2007

A user profile contains all the desktop settings for a user's work/play/etc environment, in addition to this, the profile stores the user's personal registry settings for everything from desktop background to the users' initials in MS Word. It will also contain a number of files which are user specific, ie cookies.

Each person who has a seperate/individual user account has their own profile.

Take a look in windows explorer (or file manager of choice), documents and settings, to see what the profile is and whether it has other info. Each profile is stored in a subfolder, your profile for eg will be along the lines of C:\documents and settings\mikeD.

Providing you have not created any new accounts today, then you should be OK to delete this new profile. But, make a backup of all your important stuff first, just in case.

I have three profiles for myself, general, game and graphics, I do this so that when I play games no useless stuff is loaded in to memory.

Hope this helps.

  Mike D 14:02 12 Mar 2007

Thanks very much. I will bear in mind what you say about imprtant stuff and I'll have a rummage around in Documents and Settings.


  vinnyT 14:38 12 Mar 2007


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