User Privileges in XP Home

  BigAl127 17:35 18 Feb 2003

I have set myself as administrator and then set 4 seperate accounts for my children. What I now need to do is give them access to certain programs and files which have been installed through my user account. Also need to give them BB internet access via their own user accounts.

Where can I find help on this as the xp help files don't seem to explain it fully?

Thanx in advance

  jazzypop 17:56 18 Feb 2003

Try this - click here

  jazzypop 18:00 18 Feb 2003

I forgot to say - assuming you are using Outlook or Outlook Express, just log in as each user, and enter their account details there. Outlook will separate out each user's emails, and only download the appropriate email into each separate Inbox.

  BigAl127 20:15 18 Feb 2003

When I try to open a program such as outlook express on the other users, it says something like "User doesn't have privileges on this account"

Although MS Word opens in the other users, it won't allow them to access any files stored in administrator user, and I need to allow them access to limited files from there. Any further suggestions welcomed please?

  jazzypop 23:22 18 Feb 2003

It depends on how you set the users up - whether they have administrator or User privileges.

A User cannot setup a new account in Outlook Express, only use the account to send & receive. The trick is to enter their account (as the User), right-click on the Outlook Express icon and choose Run As...

You can then 'sign-in' as the Administrator, and set up their account.

If you have documents you wish to share, put them in a shared folder. Create a folder, right-click it and choose Properties > Sharing.

MSWord is acting according to the design principles in XP - Users are only allowed to access their own documents, unless they are trying to access documents that are explicitly shared.

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