User name and details on windows ME

  Payroll2 00:25 30 Jan 2004

I have an old machine thats going to a friend and i would like 2 delete all my details as to who the pc originaly belonged to and put theirs on instead, i have heard there is an easy way to do this but cant remeber how.
please can anyone help.

thank you

  Djohn 01:11 30 Jan 2004

If you are giving your PC away, [Even to a friend] It may be better to format the drive to remove all your information, then re-install Windows again. This way your friend will have a nice fresh O/S to start with. j.

  Pesala 05:23 30 Jan 2004

I find this little Freeware utility is good for those kind of tweaks: click here

  mgmcc 09:12 30 Jan 2004

In Win ME, the Registered Owner and Registered Organisation (as they appear when you right click My Computer and select 'Properties') are in the registry at:


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