user acct xp-if 1 is deleted do you lose all data?

  wots it all about 18:04 02 Oct 2005

A very long problem, but basically, if a user account (administrator)is deleted in xp, do you lose your outlook express address book, my pictures, desktop icons, and message history in Msn messenger.....
That is what has happened to a friend of mine. The problem is more complicated but if I can get an answer to this question, I may be able to work the rest out!!! Then again, perhaps not, so I'll be back no doubt! Thanks in advance anyone.

  SANTOS7 18:09 02 Oct 2005

click here
you can choose to save the files if you wish, will depend on what option has been taken

  wots it all about 18:34 02 Oct 2005

Thanks for that. On questioning my friend, she is adamant that it was her sons account that she deleted, but I think she must have accidently deleted her own. She says she didnt save any files or anything.She only had 2 basic desktops when I got to her,one for her and one for her son, no sign of her original account with all its personal settings.And no internet connection etc. which makes me believe that she was on the sons account that had only just been created.So, she has lost her oe contacts, msn message history, and pictures from her my pic folder? However, all the old progs such as spywareblaster, Spybot etc are in Start>all progs where they should be, but not on the desktop. I got very confused in the end and had to go home "to think about it!"

  wots it all about 18:35 02 Oct 2005

o and system restore now wont work! It seems to be corrupted.

  SANTOS7 18:45 02 Oct 2005

Do you get an error message when you try to restore

  wots it all about 20:02 02 Oct 2005

yes its a great long one, am not with the pc now, but from memory it was very technical! I think it may have said a DLL was missing or something, can i get that from the disc then? Not entirely sure tho! I had gotten pretty confused by then especially as she just would not shut up talking! How can you concentrate!

  Skills 22:26 02 Oct 2005

I shouldn't think that a system restore would restore a delete user account, you might be best to tell her to use the PC as little as possible until you can come round with a recovery program. At least by using that you may be able to recover some of the deleted data for her.

Heres a free one click here

  wots it all about 22:44 02 Oct 2005

Thank you for that! I will def try that one out. I have been scouting about on the net, and some people with a similar prob have found it to be an entry in their registry that needs changing. Gulp, i'm not happy about doing that! Also, apparently i will be able to see what profiles are set up by right clicking my computer>properties>settings>user profiles on the advanced tab. So. I have a few things I can try out! Cheers.

  skidd 23:05 02 Oct 2005

FYI you cannot delete an account if you are logged on with that account.

  wots it all about 09:36 03 Oct 2005

Hello. Yes I did think that, which is what confused me, but apparently she rebooted and i think must have logged on as her son....for reasons I just dont have a clue about! if she didnt where are all her personal settings then!

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