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  tanzanite 13:29 14 Jun 2003

Ive just bought pc which was built for me through a friend of a friend promblem is his name is on account.Have configured it to my name but on power up its still reverting back to his settings which is disabling my norton which was also pre installed,when it prompts for name and pass his name their so i delete and enter my details,tried to open windows with his name but wont let me is there a way round this where i can delete his name permanent?

  Siberian Winter 14:53 14 Jun 2003

I'm not sure what it is that you did. I assume the friend of a friend (FOF) installed windows XP for you, setting up an account in his own name, and that you added your own account afterwards, so that you get a login screen with a choice of two accounts (FOF's and yours). You can only add an account by logging on with FOF's account. The FOF account would be an administrator account, which allows for adding/deleting accounts. If you set up your own account as 'limited' you cannot add/delete accounts. If this is the case, you'd need to log on as FOF and change your own account type to 'administrator'. Then it's a simple matter of Control Panel, User Accounts, Delete an account. Then delete FOF's account. Hop this helps.

  graham√ 14:58 14 Jun 2003

I would guess that the builder has set himself as administrator, and as such you will be unable to make any changes until you can log on as him, with his password. Then make yourself administrator, and he's history.

He should have done this for you, of course.

  graham√ 15:00 14 Jun 2003


  tanzanite 15:15 14 Jun 2003

i have already done that my name is under computer administrator with no other accounts open which is fine until i turn pc of then turn back on and his name still there some of my settings are still displayed but not norton,i have checked that it is ticked to come on at startup and it is. also see the prompt that you get for uname and pass i clicked the options button to see if i could delete his name from there but options button did nothing is it supposed to

  graham√ 17:35 14 Jun 2003

Stop the cheque! Seriously, you shouldn't have to sort this out, it's the builders problem. This will push you up the page, someone on the evening shift may have a more immediate solution.

  jazzypop 18:03 14 Jun 2003

If you boot into Safe Mode (press F8 repeatedly as your PC re-boots), you get the option to login as an Administrator. You should find that you can delete accounts cleanly from there.

However, I agree that 1) the system builder should sort this out for you, and 2) if Norton only auto-runs when you login as the system builder, what will happen when you delete his account? Do you have the Norton installation CD? If so, I would uninstall Norton, login as yourself and reinstall it.

Not a very competent builder, it seems :(

  tanzanite 19:11 14 Jun 2003

have already paid with CASH,well it was supposed to be a friend there not bothered now i have bought it.I tried to go back on norton but no i dont have cd.Istupidly deleted him from user account which was supposed to place his name on desktop it im really flapping cause shortcuts are missing on desktop,im no expert so this is a real worry to me. Even we things like the "at" sign is missing on keyboard when i hit it i get"instead im scared to go into the big things incase i really mess it up.

  jazzypop 19:23 14 Jun 2003

Paid cash or not, he has not done the job to the right standard, and he needs to sort it out.

The keyboard is just another symptom of a poor quality installation of software - he has installed Windows with a US keyboard (and probably set your Regional settings to USA, too, which could have other adverse impacts).

No Norton CD is another 'no-no' that you need to resolve.

You are entitled to a decent standard of workmanship - I strongly urge you to contact him, explain the problems that you have outlined here (and any others), and ask him nicely but firmly to sort it out properly.

  hugh-265156 19:29 14 Jun 2003

use system restore to go back to before you deleted the account,to get the shortcuts back

  hugh-265156 19:30 14 Jun 2003

then do as jazzypop suggests

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