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  geoff47 01:02 09 Jan 2008

I want to make a seperate acount to allow access to a particular program.
I have installed a program for use as a business internet connection, protected by password.
At the moment it is on my account, I want to move it or allow access to it via another user program.
My account is as administrator,but I want to seperate my account and allow the program's access to a seperate stand alone account.

Is this possible ?
And how do I do this trick ?
Many thanks for any help

  geoff47 18:01 09 Jan 2008


  FreeCell 18:44 09 Jan 2008

You can set a program to be seen in the Start lsit or the destop of a particular account, though the "protection" isn't as strong as you may think.

When you set up an account it will create an entry under the Documents and Settings folder with that account name. In this folder will be another folder titled Start Menu. Make sure that the shortcut for your business internet connection program is listed only in the Start Menu folder for your new account and only appears on the desktop for the new account.

Users logging on to other accounts will then not see your business internet connection, however they could search the C: drive for the program and run it by clicking on the executable file so password protection on the program is a must.

  geoff47 22:31 09 Jan 2008

Many thanks Freecell
I shall see what I can do with that information.
It is a shortcut to an internet connection that is password protected in itself, I just wanted to make it available as a stand alone easily accessed account.
Thanks again

  geoff47 01:29 10 Jan 2008

Im sorry I have tried and failed to find how to do this.
What I am trying to move between accounts is a Java Web Start Launcher, installed by the fellow who visited me to enlist me to his company as an agent.
It only shows on the Administrators Desktop, there are two icons showing, one I presume was the installer for the Launcher, that opens directly to the website log in page.

  FreeCell 10:17 10 Jan 2008

Can you access the Java web starter via the Start Menu? If so, if you look under the Documents and Settings folder on your C: Drive under the All Users folder ytou will see a Start Menu folder with a Programs folder under that. If your shortcut Java Web starter is listed here copy it to the same subfolder under your new account folder in Documents and Settings. If it's not under All Users then try looking in Administrator folder, sub folder Start Menu etc etc.

If it is just an icon on the desktop you can do the same but copy from/to the Desktop folder rather than Start Menu.

  geoff47 14:34 10 Jan 2008

Job done.....many thanks.
It is easy when you know how.

But there are too many little things for an old brain to retain......old dog new tricks etc.


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